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Welcome to BeFirstly – A community created for the readers, by a reader! We work on the basic fundamental process popularly known as PPC ( Planning, Production, and Control).

About BeFirstly

BeFirstly is a website that talks about how you can make your website rank better in search engines like Google, Bing. It also gives you tutorials for mastering the basics and beyond. BeFirstly provides you latest projects on Android and Website related topics. So that you can master your programming language without any cost.

We believe education is free for all and right to learn is the fundamental right that is given to people all around the world.

BeFirstly is your one stop destination for SEO and Website related content u0026amp; latest projects related to web and android development! In this you get information on various topics like Blogging, Make Money, SEO, WordPress Plugin, WordPress themes, and Projects(Android Development and Web Development).

So enjoy learning and get updated in the field of Blogging, SEO and Projects, because we believe this is one of the main things which can make person their own boss. This help person to live according to their choice and rules.

What BeFirstly contains:

Blogging :

A blogging simply means write a post related to any related topics according to your choice. Are you interested in writing ? but before this you need to make a perfect website. In this section we will give you tips and tricks to make a perfect blog.

You not only become expert in writing blogs. Also, your blogs will rank better in search engines like Google and Bing. We will teach you tips and tricks, SEO on how to make a perfect blog for you and search engine friendly.

So, if you want to become a good blogger your life then take out some time read all the articles in this category and get updated in this field.

Money Making | SEO:

We believe that everybody should be their own boss. So, for this, we have brought you the list of posts which will help you to become Millionaire. In money making we will bring to the top post, which will help you to earn from home without any investment.

You can also make money from your talent that you have like if you are talented in website designing and article writing. Then, SEO Tips can be great for you. We will present you the latest tips and tricks that will only improve your SEO. It will boost your SEO of your website too.

So, Read articles from this category in order to Make Money without any investment and for SEO tips and tricks.

WordPress Plugin:

If you are trying to make website on WordPress then believe me. Your WorpPress website is not without WordPress Plugin. It gives wings to your website, making it super effective for you. WordPress Plugins are mainly used to make your website best from others. It can improve your SEO, it also speed yours website.

But do you know what WordPress Plugins to used in order to make your website perfect. We have seen many cases in which we see that due to use of wrong WordPress Plugins their website get destroyed. So, to use WordPress Plugin in correct way, read articles related to it here. This will help you a lot making your website stand out from a crowd.

WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are the themes used for your website. This improves overall user experience of your website. Everyone loves to introduce new theme in their website. But they are confused sometimes which WordPress themes to use in order to make website beautiful and fast.

Changing WordPress themes can reduce your website speed resulting lower rank in search engine. If you want to use the perfect WordPress themes for your website then read articles related to this here.


This is one of the most interesting topics that we have included this in our website. We believe the person who is interested in SEO and Money Making, they are also interested in development.

Are you interested in programming language. Do you want to love coding but don’t know from where to start. What Projects to do to make your skills more stronger. So, don’t worry, if you are interested in Projects and want to make your programming skill good. Then read all the articles in this topics.

In Projects we mainly contains two section:

  1. Android Development
  2. Web Development

Android Development:

In this you will get the project related to how to make android apps and various programming languages used for making android apps like Java, Kotlin and many more.

Web Development:

This section will contain all the articles related to website development. In this you will learn to make to various website development topics like how to make website using HTML, CSS and Javascript. We will teach you how to make website on various programming language like AngularJS, React Native and many more.

If you interested in programming and what to become a good programmer then follow our website to get updated easily with new articles.

The journey of BeFirstly :

BeFirstly is your one stop destination for SEO and Website related content u0026amp; latest projects related to web and android development! In this you get information on various topics like Blogging, Make Money, SEO, WordPress Plugin, WordPress themes, and Projects(Android Development and Web Development).  

This website was started a year ago and its aim is to provide information to you which will make you happy and updated also. BeFirstly is not built to hurt any sentiments of the person or it is not built to disrespect any company product. Its main purpose is to entertain and update people from the information provided by this website. Please read our privacy policy and terms and condition to know more.

BeFirstly journey was started from blogger and that time also its aim was to provide information to people.

If you are planning to your journey as blogger our recommendation is to first understand about blogging from blogger and once you are almost perfect then finally moved into WordPress.

The man behind BeFirstly :

BeFirstly website is created and maintained by a person named Divyanshu and I bought the domain befirstly.com on July 31st, 2016. On 2nd June 2017, this was born. Now it’s delivering more than thousands of unique visitors.

My main hobby is to play as many sports as I can. I believe that you should try each and every sport in this world. Skydiving is my favorite. I started as a blogger because I love to writing so I thought to share my knowledge with the world so that everybody should learn and get updated along with me.

I am an engineering student and blogging is my part-time option as a passion. So, you can also follow this passion if you are not able to think any because sharing is caring. To make sure you never miss any updates from BeFirstly, feel free to subscribe us.

Don’t forget to share and help others to know about it.