Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO (Compared)

Are you searching for the best keyword research tools for SEO?

Keyword research is very important for developing traffic to your site. It helps you write the perfect content to increase your organic search traffic.

The problem is that finding the correct keyword research tool can be tricky, particularly in case you’re genuinely new to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In this article, we’ll share the absolute best keyword research tools that experts use to develop their site traffic.

Best keyword research tools for SEO

What is a Keyword Research Tool?

A keyword research tool helps you to discover topic ideas that individuals are searching for on search engines like Google.

This encourages you to discover content ideas that your users are searching for. You would then be able to design your content strategy to cover those points in your blog posts and landing pages.

Keyword research tools assist you to unlock the keywords where your competitors are ranking on the top. You would then be able to improve your content to focus on that keyword and steal their traffic.

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That being stated, let’s take a look at the best keyword research tools for SEO that you can use.

1. SEMrush

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SEMrush is a finished SEO suite with all the tools that you need to carry out your keyword research.

Using the Keyword Overview tool, you can type the keyword and get a full view of all that you have to know. This includes what number of people look for the keywords, regardless of whether it’s developing in popularity or getting less popular (the Trend), and much more.

Using the SEMrush tool to see a keyword outline for "best WordPress theme"

After scrolling down, you can also observe a handy list of other comparable keywords you should use, alongside a list of natural query items, so you can discover where your competitors rank for the keywords. You can also look at Google Ads using that keyword.

The SEMrush tool indicating more keyword alternatives

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2. Ubersuggest

The Ubersuggest tool

Ubersuggest is a free tool from Neil Patel that offers search volume information, keywords suggestions, an idea on how difficult your keyword will be to rank for, and many more

Just as observing a lot of recommendations for related keywords, you can see a table of the best 100 Google results for that keyword, with assessed visits, number of backlinks, a domain score, and an absolute number of social shares.

A keyword diagram in the Ubersuggests keyword research tools, indicating information for the keyword Best WordPress Themes

Under Content Ideas, it also shows content identified with your keyword, posting evaluated month to month visits, backlinks, and several shares on Facebook and Pinterest.

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Ubersuggest's content ideas, showing ideas for the keywords Best WordPress Themes

If you sign into Ubersuggest with your Google account, at that point you’ll have the option to get more keyword recommendations, day by day rank following, and customized SEO proposals.

3. AnswerThePublic

Answer the Public's keyword tool

AnswerThePublic works a bit unique in contrast to most other keyword research tools, presenting the result in a nice format (however you can also observe them in a list and download a .csv document of results).

If you’re simply beginning with SEO and keyword research into, at that point this is an incredible tool to try, since you don’t have to make a record to use it. Simply type in your keyword and find what comes up.

AnswerThePublic's inquiry wheel, indicating the keyword WordPress Themes and bunches of inquiries

The keywords results from AnswerThePublic depend on Google and Bing’s auto-recommend highlights. You can tap on any of this keyword to scan for it in Google, and it’ll open up in another tab.

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This will show what content is positioning for those terms and whether there’s a featured snippet on it.

4. Google Keyword Planner

Enter a keyword into the Google Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner is truly intended for use by promoters who need to run their advertisements on Google. Anyway, it’s as yet a valuable tool for SEO, and it’s allowed to use.

To get to it, you’ll need a Google Ads account. If you don’t have, you can sign up for Google and enter your payment details, yet you don’t have to run any ads or pay anything.

When you have access to the Keyword Planner through your Google Ads account, you can type in any keyword and view information for (around) what number of month to month look through it has. You’ll also see a long list of related keywords idea, which you can look or download it .csv file

The result of looking for Best WordPress Themes in the Keyword Planner

5. Ahrefs

The Ahref keyword tool' first page

Ahrefs offers similar features and specifications just like SEMrush and makes an incredible option in contrast to it. Using Ahrefs, you can come up with keyword ideas just by typing a keyword into the search box. You’ll at that point see an entire list of keyword suggestions.

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Information for a keyword in Ahrefs

You can also use Ahrefs to see the content your competitors are positioning for (yet that you’re not), so you can make new pieces focusing on a keyword related to those topics.

More keyword recommendations in Ahrefs

Both SEMrush and Ahrefs offer a lot of other helpful tools as well, similar to reports that discover broken links on your site.

6. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro keyword tool first page

Like most premium keyword tools, Long Tail Pro shows information about your keyword, with a specific feature on how you rank against your competitors.

Long Tail Pro's outline of the keyword Best WordPress Themes

You can use it to investigate the top results in a search engine for your keyword, so you can make sense of where you can rank against your competition.

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You can also enter another keyword that you need to follow, so you can see how your content is positioning for those watchwords changes after some time.

7. SpyFu


SpyFu is intended to let you gain from your competitors by digging into their most beneficial keywords (and their promotions as well).

You can give it a shot for nothing, without signing in. Simply type the URL of the site you need to look into the search bar and you’ll see the result straight away. If you need to investigate more than one site, at that point you’ll have to make a free record and sign in.

SpyFu demonstrating a domain review of

SpyFu gathers past information, so you can see how your site or your competitor’s site has fallen or ascended in the rankings for specific watchwords. You can also analyze your site against different sites in your industry. Here’s a detail at Moz’s site versus some different sites on comparable points.

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A chart demonstrating Moz's natural SEO keyword versus its competitors' keywords

8. Serpstat

The Serpstat device's first page

Serpstat is another magnificent keyword research tool.

With Serpstat, you can without much effort view the top Google results for your keyword. These results include the site that shows up in the included piece (assuming any) as the main result, which is the reason the post from IsItWP is highlighted in both first and runner up in the screenshot underneath.

Serpstat's table of sites competing with yours

You can also see loads of insights concerning your competitors for that keyword, with a sign of how obvious they are (the higher the number here, the more guests they likely get).

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Serpstat's web crawler results for keyword Best WordPress Themes

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