Best Platforms to Sell Digital Products Online

Would you like to sell digital products on the web? Maybe you’re wanting to create ebooks, online courses, software, or something different.

Despite which sort of digital products you make, you will require a simple to use the platform to sell your digital items and deliver them to your customers.

In this article, will share the best platform to sell digital goods on the web. As we experience them, we’ll clarify their pros and cons to assist you with picking the best choice for your requirements.

Best Platforms to Sell Digital Products Online

Why You Need a Platform to Sell Digital Products

If you are selling a single item, at that point you can most likely make a contact form and accept Mastercard payment using Stripe or PayPal.

In any case, if you are selling different products and need a proficient way for the user to access to downloads, then you need a proper platform to sell digital products.

These platforms give all the features you’ll have to develop your online business, including:

  • A simple way to accept payment using the different payment method
  • Deliver product downloads to the customer
  • You can provide an account management area to the customer
  • You can sell memberships based access to downloads
  • Also offer courses, exercises, tests, and so forth.
  • Built-in tools to show and accept products on your site

That being stated, let’s take a look at the best platform to sell digital and downloadable products online.

1. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads do what you may anticipate from the name. It lets you sell digital downloads from your website. Once more, it’s a WordPress plugin, so you’ll require a domain name and web hosting.

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  • You can utilize Easy Digital Downloads for free, much the same as you can with WooCommerce. If you need additional features, there are lots of free and paid extensions accessible.
  • Easy Digital Downloads is explicitly designed for selling digital items. If you have no goal of selling physical products, then it could be an incredible fit for you.
  • There’s a lot of support accessible. This includes support forums, videos, and tutorials. If you’re a premium user, you can get need support.


  • There aren’t too many WordPress themes out there that are structured specially for use with Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Easy Digital Downloads is free however you may require paid extensions to include additional features. This may increase your expenses.


The basic variant of Easy Digital Downloads is free. If you need more features, at that point you will require their extensions. Some of them are free and others are paid add-ons.

You can likewise choose one of the pricing plans, which are charged yearly. These offer access to email support and different additional products through included extensions. They start at $99/year.

2. WooCommerce

Best Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes
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WooCommerce is the best eCommerce planet on the planet. It’s a free WordPress plugin, and you can utilize it to sell both physical and digital items.


  • WooCommerce itself is free, however, you’ll require a WordPress site that requires a domain name and web hosting.
  • You can utilize it to sell both physical goods as well as digital products.
  • There are heaps of WooCommerce plugin and extensions that you can utilize and a lot of them are free or have a free form.
  • There are plenty of lovely WooCommerce templates that will make your store look professional and boost sales.
  • WooCommerce has many payment gateways accessible as add-on including all the top payment services.

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  • WooCommerce can appear to be a little overpowering now and again as there are so a large number of choices.
  • Additional paid plugin or tool can increase your eCommerce site costs. However, you can undoubtedly control it by using free options whenever possible.


Even though WooCommerce itself is free, you should pay to include additional functionality. That may mean getting some premium plugins or a premium WooCommerce theme.

We recommend using either Bluehost or SiteGround because they offer the best WooCommerce hosting at moderate rates. After that, you can follow our total WooCommerce instructional tutorial to get started.

3. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is the paid and upgraded version of the Restrict Content plugin. It’s a WordPress membership plugin created by a similar group that is behind Easy Digital Downloads.


  • Restrict Content Pro is extremely simple, to begin with. Regardless of whether you’ve had little understanding of WordPress, you should find it genuinely straightforward.
  • Restrict Content Pro works consistently with Easy Digital Downloads. If you need to utilize both plugins on your site, it’s easy to do so.
  • It accompanies a great deal of built-in integration, similar to Stripe, PayPal, MailChimp, WooCommerce, and many more
  • You can make the same number of different membership levels as you need, including free and trial membership.
  • Your customers can move between membership levels and just pay the difference. This happens automatically and could save you a lot of admin time.
  • You can easily see reports about your income, membership numbers, and more
  • There’s an “Unlimited” plan accessible which includes lifetime updates and supports for a single one-off fee.


  • The free version of the plugin doesn’t deal with payments. You’ll have to move up to Pro if you need individuals to pay to register.
  • Probably the most helpful add-ons are excluded from the Personal or Plus plans. These include the ability to drip content, which most membership plugin includes as a basic feature.
  • There’s no telephone or live chat support, even at the higher pricing tiers. You need to submit a help ticket.
  • Even though there’s a 30 day refund period, you can get a refund if you can clarify why the plugin won’t work for you.


There’s a free version of the plugin accessible, called Restrict Content. The Restrict Content Pro plugin costs from $99/year, which accompanies 13 free addons.

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4. MemberPress


MemberPress is the best WordPress membership plugin. It permits you to sell subscriptions and effectively control access to different parts of your site.

You can make memberships for your digital or downloadable products, so the customer can get to them from their account after buying the membership.


  • MemberPress integrates with significant payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and It additionally integrates with email marketing services like Constant Contact, ConvertKit, and others.
  • You can utilize MemberPress to create many members-only pages or sections on your site. You could deliver your paid substance as posts, pages, or downloads that are accessed through a secured “members only” page.
  • There’s no restriction on how many of various membership levels you can set up in MemberPress. You can define these however you like.
  • A great many people discover MemberPress fairly simple to use. If you get stuck, simply look at the step by step guidelines for making a WordPress membership site.
  • MemberPress allows one-off payment or repeating membership. You can even set up a free trial membership, make coupon codes to offer discounts or release drip content to convert more sales.
  • There are loads of reports available, so you can see which items and membership levels are selling great.
  • You can utilize MemberPress with any WordPress theme, yet we suggest the following WordPress membership theme since they look wonderful. It can also be effectively coordinated with different WordPress plugins.


  • MemberPress is outfitted towards sellings memberships and memberships and may not be appropriate for businesses that simply need to sell one download.
  • MemberPress is incredibly amazing and adaptable. You may need to read their getting started exercises to familiarise yourself with all the features.


MemberPress costs $149 at the Basic level which is sufficient for the most user who’s simply beginning. You can move up to their Plus or Pro plan to unlock other amazing features.

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5. LearnDash


LearnDash is the best Learning Management System (LMS) plugin for WordPress plugin. It permits you to effectively sell online courses on your site.


  • LearnDash supports a huge range of pricing models. These incorporate one time sales, memberships, subscription, bundles, and many more.
  • There’s a lot of help accessible, including video tutorials, community forums, and documentation. There’s additionally a support group.
  • If you’re running an online course, you’ll discover loads of helpful features. These incorporate certificates and badges that you can use as motivating forces for your students.
  • You can make your forums, specific to your courses, so students can interact with each other.
  • There’s a 30-day money-back promise, so you can get a discount and refund if you decide that LearnDash isn’t the correct choice for you.


  • You can just contact the support team by submitting a ticket. There’s no live chat or telephone option.
  • There’s no free version or trial period accessible.


The Basic plan costs $199 at the full price. You’ll very likely find that it’s at a discount of $159 when you visit the site.

If you need to utilize LearnDash on a few sites, the Plus packet lets you install it on up to 10 sites. That costs $229 the maximum, however, it’s normally at a sale for $189.

Frequently users use LearnDash in the mix with MemberPress to get the most worth.

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6. Teachable


Teachable is a platform where you can make your online courses. It hosts your course for you, so you needn’t bother with a site to utilize it.


  • Teachable is easy to get started with. It has a clear dashboard to manage you through the procedure.
  • There’s a liberal free plan available, so you can begin without paying anything. This plan lets you have boundless courses and students, and you can have a discussion forum and quizzes too.
  • It’s easy to arrange and organize your content in Teachable utilizing the drag and drop interface.
  • You can upload your logo, pictures, content, color, etc to customize how your Teachable sales pages look.
  • Teachable can deal with lots of various document types. It does an especially great job of dealing with videos, which should look incredible whatever device your student is using.
  • There is incredible analytics that can give you how your students are getting along. You can even track single students’ progress.
  • You can speak with students directly from your Teachable platform.


  • If you need to customize your course homepage utilizing the Power Editor, you’ll have to understand HTML and CSS code.
  • Teachable is intended for courses. It’s not so much going to work for you if you need to sell something like ebooks or software.


The teachable free plan doesn’t cost anything. However, you will pay $1 in addition to 10% for each paid course that you sell. That implies that if you have a course costing $200, you’ll pay Teachable $21 on every deal.

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The least expensive plan is $29/month. In case you’re on this plan, you’ll also be charged an extra 5% on every sale. To avoid paying any commission, you’ll need to be on the Professional Plan for $79/month.

7. Shopify


Shopify is the all in one platform for online stores and eCommerce. This implies it handles everything for you, for example, your site hosting, updates, and security. You simply pay a single monthly charge.


  • Shopify is extremely simple, to begin with. No need to purchase hosting or even a domain name. You simply sign up for an account with Shopify and begin making your store.
  • You can sell both physical and digital products utilizing Shopify. This could be helpful if you should offer physical items later on.
  • There are loads of applications accessible for Shopify. These add functionality to your store. The vast majority of these will cost you cash, however, some are free integration with other software that you may be paying for, for example, OptinMonster.
  • You can pick from lots of various Shopify themes (layouts) for your site, or even purchase a premium theme from the Shopify subjects store.
  • There’s 24/7 support available through live chat, telephone, email, and Twitter. There’s additionally lots of documentation, plus video tutorials and support forums.


  • You can’t easily integrate Shopify with WordPress, so it’s not a good choice if you need to sell straightforwardly from your current site.
  • Shopify has its own built-in payment system called Shopify Payments. If you need to utilize a third-party payment gateway, such as PayPal or Amazon Payments, Shopify charges an extra 2% expense on these transactions.


Shopify costs $29/month for the basic plan. This gives you access to most of the features that you’re probably going to need, aside from reports and gift vouchers. Those are accessible on the next tier up, at $79/month.

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Choosing the Best Platform for Your Needs

The best platform to sell digital products relies totally on your requirements. If you need to sell subscription-based digital items, premium content, or pay-per-view sites, at that point MemberPress is the best alternative.

To include ebooks, music, or software, at that point, Easy Digital Downloads likely could be all you need. If you need to sell an online course, pick a platform like LearnDash or Teachable. These are explicitly made for online course makers, and it’s simple to utilize them to make an expert looking course.

At last, in case you’re additionally selling digital items, or should do as such later on, go with WooCommerce or Shopify. Both of these choices make it simple to sell both digital and physical products.

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