Best WordPress Donation and Fundraising Plugins

Looking for the best WordPress donation and Fundraising plugins. Collecting online donations is a viable way to raise funds for non-benefits, charities, relief funds, and special causes.

We live in a profit-driven world, where most individuals are money-minded. Yet, in this fast-paced world, many communities have a varied perspective. These communities traditionally used to operate on-field but with the revolution in digital and computing world. Even they have taken a notch forward and started digital services.

Best WordPress Donation and Fundraising Plugins
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For them to perform effectively, they require capital and because they are non-profit, they hugely depend upon donations or gratuities. In many cases, online nonprofit organizations can secure funds faster by reaching out to donors worldwide. Donors can simply press a button and the amount is transferred to the intended nonprofit organization.

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This can be executed successfully by taking help from WORDPRESS

Here the question arises ”What is WorPress”?

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According to common definition, WordPress is a content management system based on PHP and MySQL. It usually uses MySQL or MariaDB database servers.

In layman language, what it does is: It powers nearly one-third of the world’s websites, from small personal blogs to the complex sites of major corporations such as Sony, Time Inc.

WordPress is only one of the famous website builders and content management systems. Users can use, download and install it for free. Because of its unique features it makes it the most popular content management system.

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WordPress is a boon for experienced users but it also includes features for beginners. It’s because so that they can set up a site quickly with no knowledge of code or programming. This is like a godsend for donation site producers. It’s because anyone without professional know-how can set up a WordPress donation website.

Through WordPress, people can accept sympathetic gifts through donation forms, view donation statistics and reports, manage donors, and merge with a wide variety of third-party gateways and services

Elaborating the above requirements:

Website creation and connection

This includes creating, designing and completing the form used for the website.

1) Create powerful donation forms

Create powerful donation forms
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Building custom donation forms to suit the website’s need. Because an attractive form which can relate to emotional levels of donors is what attracts contributors.

  • Inheriting themes and styles so it Blends perfectly to the company’s needs, adding a touch for what the donation is required. (image)
  • Add various options/druthers like goals, terms, and conditions, multiple donations, custom amounts, etc. within a couple of clicks. No person would want to spend a huge amount of time figuring out how the website works and clicking on interrelated links and buttons, a couple of clicks that do the work would eventually lead to even non-interested donors to donate casually. (image)
  • WordPress will fully report all activities by giving a Complete overview of donation activity. Keeping track of all your donation activities is again a crucial step in setting up the website itself as it allows one to figure out what went wrong in the website if the donations aren’t coming as expected. (image)
  • It can control and filter data according to time, revenue collected, form or payment method
  • By using a WordPress, performance at other campaigns too can be analyzed and results are drawn accordingly 

Even after reading these points one might ponder upon as to ”Why use WordPress donations?”

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The answer is:

If your nonprofit or cause depends on donations, you want to treat your donors right. (image)

No one wants to send valuable donors through a shopping cart or kick them off-site to a third-party platform. A WordPress streamlines the giving process by allowing your donors to complete their donations directly on your website using an easy to complete a donation form.

As an admin/donation receiver, you have the customization options and reporting and donor management features you need to run successful giving campaigns that have been discussed earlier in detail. For this to be achieved successfully 

In this article, we will share the best WordPress donation and fundraising plugins that will help you effectively collect one time donations as well as recurring donations using PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, other credit card processors, and even cryptocurrency.

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How to Choose the Best WordPress Donation Plugin

There are many WordPress donation plugin accessible in the market. The issue is that not all of them are easy to use, and a lot of them lack customization options. Allowing donation payments on your WordPress site is an extremely important task.

You need a reliable donation plugin, works on mobile as well as desktop computers, helps your favored payment gateway, sends receipts to donors, allow donors to make recurring donations, and is customizable sufficient to look great on your site.

Overall, all you need a WordPress donation plugin that charges minimal fees. In a perfect world, it ought to either be free or fixed yearly installment versus something that charges a percentage fee on all your donations.

We used the above criteria to think about the best WordPress donation plugin for non-benefits and charities.

Here’s our list of top WordPress donation and fundraising plugins.


Give WP

GiveWP is a standout amongst other WordPress plugins for non-profits to accept donations and raise funds for your cause.

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What makes GiveWP champion and win the top-positioned spot in our best WordPress donation plugin list is their complete arrangement of features alongside their non-profit friendly pricing model.

GiveWP makes it simple to make a custom donation form inside WordPress to effectively set up one-time donations as well as recurring donation options.

You can integerate a wide variety of payment gateways to accept credits card donation payments including Stripe,, PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Mollie, Paytm, PayFast, Square, AmeriCloud, Paymill, and many more.

GiveWP likewise enables you to fine-tune just every part of your donation procedure with features like customizable donation tributes like “in honor of”, multi-level donations, campaign level donation goals/incentives, currency switcher options, tax-deductible donation receipts, and more.

It comes with a full donor control area with full-featured reporting, so you can easily handle all your donations (both online and offline donations).

GiveWP coordinates with all-important email marketing services, so you can easily communicate with your donors about seasonal gift-giving campaigns.

If you run an online store with WooCommerce, at that point GiveWP enables you to include a donation upsell the checkout screen, and they have consistent Google Analytics integration with improved eCommerce tracking.

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GiveWP’s offers a free WordPress donation plugin, yet you should move up to their yearly paid plans to open all the incredible addons and features. Basic paid plan starts at $240 / year, but you will need the Plus plan ($360 / yr) to get all their add-ons.


WP Forms

WPForms is the most beginner-friendly drag and drop form builder for WordPress. It accompanies a built-in form template to create an online donation form on your website.

A lot of charities and non-profits don’t need a giveaway platform. Rather they just want a simple and easy to customize donation form that can accept one-time and recurring donations.

WPForms offer you simply that. It coordinates with both PayPal and Stripe, so you can safely gather donations using Mastercard directly on your site.

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Since WPForms is an increasingly form builder, it can likewise serve multiple purposes for a charity website such as contact form, survey forms, polls, email newsletter signup form, volunteer signup form, etc.

WPForms flawlessly coordinates with all significant email advertising services and CRM stages like Constant Contact, SendinBlue, AWeber, MailChimp, and a hundred others.

WPForms free plugin is used by more than 2 million sites, yet you will require their installment addons to acknowledge the online donation. They offer a special discounted license for non-profits at only $99 / year which is 75% off their regular price.

This gives all of you of their Pro features that gives you a chance to donation forms as well as other types of forms that we mentioned above.

WP Crowdfunding

WP Crowdfunding

WP Crowdfunding is an amazing WordPress fundraising plugin that helps you create a fundraising backer site like GoFundMe or Kickstarter.

You can use the crowdfunding campaign-style just for your charities or even offer a total fundraising platform for other charities in your network.

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It integrates with Stripe, PayPal,, and all WooCommerce gateways if you choose to process your payments with WooCommerce. WP Crowdfunding Native system allows you to track each campaign and distribute funds accordingly to individual stakeholders.

If you’re hoping to make a total crowdfunding site like GoFundMe, at that point you additionally have the choice to charge a commission fee for helping other charities collect donations. value.

The base plugin is free, yet you should move up to the paid version to open full features which starts at $149/year.

Easy PayPal Donation

PayPal Donation for WordPress

Easy PayPal Donation is a free WordPress donation plugin that gives you a chance to include a PayPal donate button on your website.

Your site guests can tap on the catch and send gifts utilizing their PayPal record or charge card. Your website visitors can click on the button and send donations using their PayPal account or credit card.

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The objective of this plugin is to make it simple to interface your PayPal account with WordPress and get the donations. This plugin likewise allows visitors to choose recurring monthly donation options.

We have this plugin listed as #3 because it’s the most features rich, but since here and there you may not require every one of the features that plugin GiveWP and WPForms offer.

If you don’t want to customize your donation form and need a straight-forward arrangement that is free for accepting one-time donations, at that point this plugin can carry out the responsibility for you.

For setting up repeating donations, you will require their Pro version which expenses $59.95/yearat which point you’re better off going with WPForms because you get a lot more value.


Charitable WordPress Plugin

Charitable is a simple WordPress donation plugin that enables you to make boundless fundraising campaigns and set goals for your cause.

You can choose a fixed donation sum, include a custom amount, or both. You can implant the donation form on your pages, posts, sidebars, and modal popups.

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While the base plugin is free, you do need to move up to their Plus plans($99/year) to open their payment gateways like Stripe,, etc as well as newsletter sign up forms.

If you want recurring donations, crowdfunding, peer to peer fundraising, donor fee relief, and other powerful features, then you will need their Pro plan which costs $249 / year.

Seamless Donations

Seamless Donations

Seamless Donations is a donation plugin for WordPress. It gives you unlimited authority to gather and manage donations inside the WordPress dashboard.

Consistent Donation works with PayPal, so users can make donations using their PayPal account or credit cards.

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You can acknowledge one-time donation or repeating donation installments. You can likewise enable users to choose a campaign they want their funds allocated.

Unlike other plugins, Seamless donation sells few addons on an a-la-carte basis such as Thank You Enhanced which lets you set up custom thank you pages and Giving Level Manager which lets you attribute custom donation levels.



Donorbox is a ground-breaking donation form plugin that works on both WordPress just as independent sites.

It enables you to arrange one-time donation just as month to month, yearly, and week by week repeating donations.

Donorbox enables you to accept installments from credit cards just as well known payment platforms like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal Express with One-Touch, and ACH bank payments for the US and Europe based donors.

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It additionally accompanies numerous other incredible features like Goal Meter, Donation popup forms, multi-currency support, donor wall, donor profile, complete donor management, end of year tax receipts, and so much more.

The reason why we have Donorbox listed towards the bottom in our list is that their pricing is not friendly to non-profits.

While they let you gather donations for up to $1,000 every month, you should pay a 1.5% platform fee for all other amounts. This platform processing fee is in addition to the payment processing fees that are added by Stripe, PayPal, and other banks.

They do have the option to have your donors cover the fees, but we believe it’s better to use a platform like GiveWP where more of the donation money goes towards the actual cause.

Donorbox additionally charges separate month to month expenses for different email advertising and CRM integrations.

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To be fair, out of other SaaS donation platforms like Crowdrise, Donately, etc, Donorbox is by far the most affordable.

The motivation behind why you might need to use the Donorbox platform is because they remove away the specialized management headache away from you.

You don’t need to stress over the security of your installment background since it’s everything dealt with by their group.

Donation Thermometer

Donation Thermometer

Donation Thermometer is a great WordPress donation plugin. It uses a thermometer style parameter to show the gathered resources and your objective sum.

Donation Thermometer is perfect for sharing your fundraising campaign with your site guests and convince them to help. It is additionally ideal for organizers to perceive how close or far away they are from their fundraising target

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The thermometer is fully customizable for everything like colors, text, currency, and more. You can use a shortcode to display the donation thermometer in your posts and pages. All settings are easy and manageable within WordPress.

Note that this plugin DOES NOT enable you to accept any donations. You can use it nearby any of the different WordPress donation plugins in this article.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is the most developed WordPress form plugin. It enables you to effectively make complex forms with drag and drop builder.

It has huge amounts of form templates including a pre-manufactured layout to gather online donation. You can see the donation details in graphical outlines inside the WordPress dashboard.

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The plugin enables you to send out the form data outside WordPress. It additionally gives you the alternative to import your donations entries from third-party services. Formidable Forms is fully compatible with the WPML translation plugin to translate the form in any language.

PayPal Donations

PayPal Donations

PayPal Donations is another free WordPress PayPal donation plugin to raise resources for charities and non-benefits. You can use their sidebar gadget or the shortcode to include the PayPal donation button your site.

Like other PayPal plugin, it gives you a chance to associate WordPress to your PayPal account and accept donations from guests. Different settings incorporate various monetary forms, limitation, numerous button sizes, and many more.

Cryptocurrency Donation Box

Cryptocurrency Donation Box – Bitcoin and Crypto Donations

If you’re hoping to accept donations in digital money, at that point look no further. This free WordPress donation plugin enables you to accept donations in top 20 noteworthy cryptographic forms of money.

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You can accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Cardano and many more.

YITH Donations for WooCommerce

YITH Donations for WooCommerce

YITH Donations for WooCommerce enables you to add a choice to gather donations in your online stores.

You can run convenient campaigns to help your goals. Each time a user adds an item to the cart, they will be prompted with a choice to make a little donation.

This idea is used by numerous individuals in the retail world, and YITH Donations for WooCommerce enables you to add this to your eCommerce site.

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YITH has a free form of the module that is very restricted. To get every one of the features like donation form on the cart page, customize amounts, donation receipts, etc, you will need the premium version of the plugin which costs $59.99 for a single site.

Above features is available in GiveWP too with a lot more which we believe is a better value.

Which is the Best WordPress Donation Plugin?

The plugin we referenced in this article would all be able to enable you to gather donations on your WordPress. Anyway choosing the best WordPress donation plugin for your online fundraising will vary based on your needs.

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In case you’re hoping to make a basic donation form with one-time and repeating donation along with the ability for users to make payments via PayPal or credit card, then WPForms non-profit plan is the best value because they’re offering 75% off discount.

If you want a WordPress donation plugin that comes with advanced features like complete donor management, tax-deductible donation receipts, campaign level goals/incentives, multi-level donations, customizable donatio. Nothing in the market beats GiveWP, and that’s why GiveWP is our pick for the #1 best WordPress donation plugin. “

Use donations for a good cause

While donating never hesitate or pause

Help those who need it

That keeps your character fit.

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