Best WordPress image optimization plugin to speed up your site

Searching for the best WordPress image optimization plugin to speed up your website?

As shown by the HTTP Archive, pictures involve about half of the file size of a normal website page, so figuring out how to shrink that can have a useful consequence on your site’s page load time.

Best WordPress image optimization plugin to speed up your site

An image optimization plugin offers a simple method to fix that since you can keep on uploading pictures like normal. The plugin will consequently improve them in the background.

To help you to find the best image optimization plugin for your website, We tested some hands-on image optimization plugin. Here is each specification of each image optimization plugin.



This is a very popular freemium alternative that is active on more than 100,000 websites. This plugin comes in two versions:

ShortPixel Image Optimizer – resizes and packs your pictures easily and automatically.

ShortPixel Adaptive Images – In addition to resizing and packing pictures, it furthermore serves your pictures from a CDN and progressively resizes them based on every user’s device. For instance, someone using high-end devices and supporting Retina screen will get a higher-resolution image, while some using a normal phone would get a low-resolution image.

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Key Features of ShortPixel

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

  • Automatically compresses pictures using various levels of lossy or lossless compression.
  • Automatically resize picture dimensions to a maximum that you set.
  • Compresses JPG, PNG, GIF, even animated GIF images and PDF archives.
  • Convert pictures to WebP version.
  • Picks which image thumbnail size to compress.
  • Keeps a backup of the original picture.

ShortPixel Adaptive Images

  • Serve pictures from a worldwide CDN.
  • Progressively resize pictures dependent on the size of the individual user’s device.
  • Smart trimming, to crop pictures while preserving the important visuals.
  • Automatically serve WebP images to browsers that support WebP.

Interface/Ease of Use of ShortPixel

ShortPixel is simple to use. When you install and activate it, you’ll have to enter your email to create a ShortPixel API key. You can re-use similar API key over various purposes, which is advantageous in case you’re running a network of sites.

When you validate your API key, you’ll get a straightforward settings area where you can:

  • Pick your perfect image optimization plugin – two levels of lossy compression, alongside lossless compression.
  • Pick whether to furthermore optimize image thumbnails (the ones automatically made by WordPress).
  • Control whether to keep a backup of the original image or additionally remove EXIF information.
  • Select the maximum dimensions to automatically resize images, or just to crop images (you can likewise simply set a maximum width to save the original aspect ratio and avoid cropping).

ShortPixel interface

The Advanced tab gives you a chance to control smaller features, similar to whether to make WebP images, convert to JPEG, and more.

ShortPixel advanced

When you decide your choice, ShortPixel will automatically optimize new images that you transfer, and you can furthermore:

  • Bulk optimize existing images on your site.
  • Physically optimize images individually on your site.

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Pricing of ShortPixel:

ShortPixel gives you a specific month to month quota for nothing. For more, you’ll have to pay. You can optimize 100 pictures for every month with no size limits. So if you want to advance optimization, then you will have to pay for it. It also offers excellent value.

From that point onward, you can either buy a month to month membership or one-off image optimization credits. The least expensive membership is $4.99 every month for up to 5,000 pictures for every month, and the least expensive one-time bundle is $9.99 for 10,000 pictures. This is for your whole ShortPixel account. You can use your quota over different WordPress websites by using similar API key.



Imagify a freemium image optimization plugin that is built by same developers of the WP Rocket caching/performance plugin. It fits perfectly with WP Rocket for a full-features website performance suite.

Key Features:

  • Naturally, optimize pictures with three different lossy and lossless compression levels.
  • Make WebP images and serve them to browsers that support WebP version of the image.
  • Automatically resize images’ dimensions.
  • Pick which thumbnail sizes to optimize.
  • Back up the original image.
  • Include custom folders outside your Media Library to improve and optimize.
  • Keep a backup of the original image.

Interface/Ease of Use

Imagify has a truly well-structured interface and is very simple to use. Like ShortPixel, you’ll begin by creating an API key to connect with the Imagify service. At that point, this will unlock the full interface.

At the top, you can pick your ideal optimization level. Like ShortPixel, you get two degrees of lossy compression, just as a lossless alternative. You can likewise pick:

  • Despite that, you can choose your desired optimization pictures on upload or potentially back up the original pictures.
  • Whether to keep EXIF data.

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Imagify settings

Furthermore, you can configure:

  • Whether to create and show WebP images.
  • Automatic resize options. You can set a maximum width and afterward protect the aspect ratio.
  • Which thumbnail sizes to optimize.

Imagify will automatically enhance all recently transferred images. Furthermore, you can also bulk upgrade older images, or physically improve individual pictures.


Like ShortPixel, Imagify additionally gives you a specific free optimization every month. Imagify calculates it unexpectedly and indifferent way than ShortPixel. Rather than doing it by the number of pictures like ShortPixel, Imagify confines you to 25 MB all out every month. So if you need to optimize a ton of small pictures, the free plan might offer better value than ShortPixel.

From that point onward, you can buy one-time or month to month plans. The least expensive month to month plan is $4.99 every month for 1 GB of pictures, and the least expensive one-time plan is $5.99 for 500 MB of pictures.

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer is extraordinary in where it optimize your pictures. Most picture optimizing plugins – including ShortPixel and Imagify – partner with outside servers through an API and play out the image optimization on those outer servers.

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EWWW Image Optimizer, in any case, uses your very own server to optimize the pictures. This makes it free for boundless utilization, however, it additionally implies that you will utilize your very own server assets.

So, the plugin likewise gives you the alternative of connecting using an API. You can pick the methodology that works best for you.

Key Features:

  1. Optimizes pictures on your server, or connect using the API for cloud optimization.
  2. Optimizes JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF.
  3. Four different compression levels, however not all are accessible for free.
  4. Automatically resize pictures to max measurements.
  5. Powerfully serve pictures through a CDN and resize them to a users device (like ShortPixel’s adaptive images). This is a paid service.
  6. Schedule optimization to keep running at a specific time of day, which gives you a chance to plan it for off-peak hours to save server resources.
  7. Convert PNG to JPG and vice versa.
  8. Make and serve WebP pictures.

Interface/Ease of Use

Because of an ongoing upgrade, EWWW Image Optimizer’s interface is much more pleasant. In any case, despite everything, it gives you a huge amount of different settings. Presently, that is not an awful thing. In case you’re into having pinpoint control, you’ll like every one of those alternatives. Yet, in case you’re an easygoing user, you might feel a bit overwhelmed.


EWWW Image Optimizer plugin is available for free to use for unlimited usage in WordPress website. You possibly need to pay if you need more advanced features like:

  • Interface with the cloud optimization service for compression, CDN, and so forth.
  • Unlock all the compression methods and some other features.
  • Compression plans cost just $0.003/image. For instance, you can pack 3,000 pictures for $9.
  • At that point, the arrangement with the CDN costs $9 every month.

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Kraken is the WordPress plugin form of the famous image analyzer. You can use the web interface when upgrading pictures for customer locales. It’s a decent straightforward choice, however, it lacks some of the advanced features in other plugins. For instance, there’s no WebP picture support.

Key Features

  • Uses of optimization service.
  • Lossy and lossless compression techniques.
  • Automatically resize pictures to registered max measurements.
  • Physically pick JPEG quality setting and chroma subsampling plan.
  • Pick which thumbnails to upgrade.
  • Protect EXIF metadata.

Interface/Ease of Use

To begin, you’ll have to generate a Kraken API key to associate your site to the administration.

From that point, you’ll get a single settings page where you can design which streamlining strategy to use, just as:

  • Regardless of whether to consequently upgrade pictures on transfer.
  • Automatically image resizing.
  • Which thumbnails to upgrade.
  • Regardless of whether to protect EXIF information.

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Kraken gives you a one-time 100 MB credit for nothing. From that point forward, plans begin at $5 every month for up to 500 MB of pictures and go up from that point.



Active on more than 1 million sites, Smush is, by the numbers, one of the most well-known WordPress image optimization plugin.

There’s a primary purpose behind that – it gives you a chance to optimize unlimited images with the using Smush’s servers (not your own). There are a few points of confinement on that, however, that is still truly liberal, and not something you find frequently.

Key Features :

I’ll begin with the key highlights in the free form:

  • Automatically compress pictures with lossless compression. No lossy compression for nothing.
  • Automatically resize picture measurements.
  • Pick which thumbnail sizes to improve.
  • Strip EXIF metadata.
  • Lazy load images for faster initial page load times.
  • Optimize images in external directories.
  • Mass optimization 50 pictures simultaneously.

And if you upgrade to the paid version, you’ll also get these features:

  • Use lossy compression.
  • Serve pictures from a CDN.
  • Convert and serve WebP pictures.
  • Back up the original images.
  • Automatically convert PNGs to JPEGs
  • Automatically bulk optimize every single old picture.

Interface/Ease of Use

With Smush, there’s no API key to interface with – you simply activate it and dive right in. They even give you a nice setup wizard to configure the important basics. From that point onward, you get a nicely designed interface where you can configure basic and advanced settings:

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All you need is lossless compression, the free form gives you a chance to improve boundless pictures (up to 5 MB in size each). So for lossless compression, this one is the best esteem.

In any case, If you need lossy pressure, just as the various paid highlights, it can get somewhat expensive because you’ll require a WPMU DEV enrollment, which expenses $49 every month (however it additionally gets you access to all of WPMU DEV’s different plugins).

WP Compress

WP Compress

WP Compress is a fresher WordPress image optimization plugin that offers a liberal valuing structure and a well-planned interface.

It furthermore claims to offer “over-optimization counteractive action”,

Key Features:

  • Three distinctive compression levels – two lossy and one lossless.
  • Automatically compress images on upload and mass compress older pictures.
  • Automatically resize picture dimensions.
  • Pick which thumbnail sizes to improve.
  • Erase EXIF information.
  • Store backup of original pictures in the cloud (instead of squandering your very own server space).

Interface/Ease of Use

Like a ton of the different plugins, you’ll have to add your API key to the plugin to begin.

  • You can either begin with the plugin’s suggested settings or arrange things yourself.
  • The interface is perfect and looks incredible. There are only a couple of key settings, which are all effectively open.

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WP Compress gives you a chance to compress your initial 100 pictures for nothing. From that point forward, enrollments begin at $5 for up to 1,000 pictures. Be that as it may, their pricing has a best-seller approach. Though most different devices consider every thumbnail size different images for charging purposes, WP Compress does not.

For instance, if your theme has five different thumbnails, a single picture would take five credits at something like ShortPixel. But with WP Compress, you can assume one part to compress every one of the thumbnails.

TinyPNG (Compress JPEG and PNG pictures)

TinyPNG (Compress JPEG and PNG pictures)

The appropriately named Compress JPEG and PNG pictures associate your WordPress site to the TinyPNG and TinyJPG administrations to let you consequently enhance your WordPress site’s pictures. Even though it doesn’t offer boundless free compression, it offers one of the most liberal free plans of any device on this rundown.

Key Features

Only support lossy pressure, though it’s not very aggressive and I couldn’t see any drop in quality.

  • Automatically improve new images and mass compress old pictures.
  • Pick which thumbnail sizes to compress.
  • Automatically resize picture dimensions.
  • Remove EXIF data.

Interface/Ease of Use

Like the others, you’ll have to add your API key to begin. From that point, you can pick when to compress new images, just as different settings like the thumbnails to compress and whether to consequently resize pictures. There aren’t a lot of settings – you’re seeing everything in the screen capture underneath:

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Compress JPEG and PNG pictures gives you a chance to upgrade up to 500 pictures for every month for nothing with no document size points of confinement, which is quite liberal to the extent free choices go. After the initial 500 pictures, you’ll just pay dependent on your use. Your initial 10,000 pictures cost $0.009 per picture. Over that, you’ll pay just $0.002 per picture.

For instance, if you have to enhance 1,000 pictures for every month, you’ll pay just $4.50 (recall – the initial 500 advancements consistently are free).

The Best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin for Your WordPress website?

For the best and large improvement plugin, I think the champion is ShortPixel for a couple of reasons:

  1. Its compression numbers are strong.
  2. Indeed, even the lossy pressure didn’t bring on any perceptible drop in picture quality.
  3. It has a lot of cutting edge highlights, as WebP backing and PDF pressure.

I’d state Imagify isn’t a long ways behind, however, its PNG pressure was lossier (however it likewise decreased the document size more).

The two instruments offer free choices, however, the free plans are genuinely constrained.

 In case you’re explicitly searching for a free plugin that packs images with an outer API, I’d go with:

  • TinyPNG if you want to use lossy compression.
  • Smush if you need to use lossless pressure.

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Furthermore, in case you’re satisfied with using your very own server, EWWW Image Optimizer is additionally an extraordinary alternative that will give you a chance to enhance boundless pictures for nothing – just make sure to schedule the optimization for an off-peak time if you upload a lot of images.

Have any inquiries concerning these picture optimization plugins? Ask away in the comment!

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