Best WordPress Plugins on How to Run a Giveaway / Contest

How would I get more traffic to my site? Is there a simple method to expand my email list size? Those are the issues that burden each blogger’s mind. Regardless of whether you blog for business or delight, there is no denying that we as a whole need more eyeballs on our content and more loyal fans on our list.

There are a lot of ways to accomplish any of the above objectives. However, the least demanding strategy is to just run a WordPress Giveaway Plugins on your site. It’s an incredible incentive for individuals to return to your site, also it’s likewise a fun method to connect with your crowd.

While there are a few WordPress plugins that can enable you to manage and run a giveaway, some of them are very restricted in alternatives. Luckily, there are few tools online that will do a similar that offer significantly more features.

In this post, we’ll talk about Best WordPress Giveaway Plugins on How to Run a WordPress Giveaway Plugins / Contests

Best WordPress Plugins on How to Run a Giveaway  Contest

Why you should run a WordPress Giveaway Plugins on your site

As we referenced previously, running a giveaway gives purpose to your readers to return and connect with your site. Here are a couple of reasons why you ought to run giveaways on your site.

1. Increase the number of your followers

Most online contest and giveaways are formed around social collaboration. Sometimes, you need to follow the person who organized the giveaway. You need to share the giveaway entry. Sometimes, the challenge might be arranged so that the participants have to both follow you and share the link about the giveaway.

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Whichever strategy you pick, anyone who joins your giveaway is more inclined to connect with you to stay alert with the giveaway results and to find out when the following giveaway is going on. In either case, when they start sharing the links about your giveaway, other people who are keen on your item or service may join the giveaway which in turn increases the number of your followers across social media.

2. Build your email list

Along these lines, you can expand the number of email supporters either by asking them to join your list to enter the giveaway or by syncing all the entries with your email list provider. Most of the time, informing the members about the giveaway results is normally done using email so you are bound to see an increase in your subscribers.

3. More leads

Directly tied to the points above, increasing the number of your followers and subscribers implies you will build the number of leads you get for your items and services.

Since they entered the giveaway related with your offer, it’s simpler to showcase the remainder of your items and services. You should simply concentrate on offering some inspiration and developing a relationship before sending them a focused on the offer.

Keep in mind that if your prize is something your target audience is interested in, those who didn’t win might just go ahead and hand over their cash to buy the item that was offered during the giveaway.

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4. Get better engagement on your site

Your giveaway will span over a few days or maybe even weeks. During that time, you can urge the user to return to your site to acquire more entries by sharing the giveaway page on social media.

Since giveaways play to our side that adores free things, most members will over and over return to the giveaway page. Pair that with an efficient sidebar or spot connects to content that is like the prize beneath the giveaway widget, chances are they will go and check out the rest of your content.

5. Low cost

At last, Depending upon the prize you offer, a giveaway is a minimal effort technique for advancing your site. If you’ve ever tried Facebook Ads or Google AdWords to promote your website, you know that the cost of ads can quickly add up.

But, If you give away an item that you’re already selling or if you offer one of your services, you don’t need to spend money to get it nor do you need to stress over advertisement cost.

Truth be told, the tools covered below that can enable you to sort out and run your giveaway offer a free arrangement so you can evaluate their features before moving up to a paid plan.

1. WordPress InviteBox Plugin

WordPress InviteBox Plugin

This is an extraordinary plugin for making social referral projects powered by InviteBox. To use the plugin, you will require an InviteBox account, which has a free trial available.

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Referral projects are amazing for attracting more users as well as customers for your site or organization. Dropbox appreciated a 60% expansion in their signup after introducing referral programs with incentives.

By using the plugin, you can give different incentives including giving an instant reward, goal-based rewards, referral contest, giveaways, sweepstakes etc. WordPress InviteBox enables you to set custom standards for the challenges. You can likewise show the top referrer’s leaderboard to increase competition among the members.

For the sweepstakes and giveaways, the plugin will naturally monitor the participant activities and provide entries according to the pre-fixed parameter.

2. Pick Giveaway Winner


If you need to run a giveaway or sweepstake in your WordPress site, Pick Giveaway Winner ought to be one of your top decisions. This plugin automatically selects a winner from the comments of a particular post. By using the RAND() capacity of MySQL, the plugin will arbitrarily choose a winner for you.

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Using the plugin is straightforward. When you have installed and activated it in your WordPress site, a new sub-menu titled ‘Pick Giveaway Winner’ will be made under the ‘Tools’ menu.

Go to Tools > Pick Giveaway Winner to use this. On that page, you will discover a drop-down list of the considerable number of posts of your WordPress site. Select the post from which you need to pick the winner. It is conceivable to have more than 1 winner for your events.

If you don’t allow multiple entries, you can disqualify them entirely or choose to keep a single entry from the participant.

3. ContestFriend for WordPress

ContestFriend for WordPress gives a simple method to add intuitive contests or sweepstakes on your website. The TinyMCE editor of the contest description field allows basic HTML tags. pant. In this way, you can without much of a stretch add some markup to your content to focus on the main matter. You can likewise include a different disclaimer link.

The design section gives you a chance to control the presence of the event. Other than picking the width, you can edit the background, description and headline text, color and so forth. You can enable the members to share the challenges in social media platforms and increase their chances of winning.

It is likewise possible to limit the number of winners and the entries per referral. The live preview feature will assist you with fining tune your events before showing them in your site. You can activate or deactivate any event from the dashboard.

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4. Social Contests


This is another extraordinary WordPress plugin for creating various promotional campaigns which includes sweepstakes, vote contest, photo contest, essay contest, referral promotion, etc.

There is a 14-day trial available. The plugin comes with a lot of readymade template for the contest and sweepstakes. It is easy to edit the template or make your very own layouts.

You can likewise promote the campaigns in your Facebook and Twitter pages. By using the plugin, you will have specially developed entry pages for the mobile device. Wishpond will likewise save the participant information including email address, name, age, sexual orientation and location, which could be downloaded anytime. The WP online business good plugin is accessible in 35 languages.

5. Gleam


The primary tools on our list enable you to run giveaways as contests and prizes. Gleam Competitions permits you to make a giveaway on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and numerous different stages. You can join an unlimited number of activities that users need to finish in ordered to be entered into the giveaway.

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They offer a lovely responsive widget that you can implant on your site and they combine with various famous third-party social media and email services with more integrations added every month. You can run photograph and video challenges because of the capacity to acknowledge media into your campaign and show it as a gallery on your site.

Other features of the Competition apps include:

  • Verified action
  • Built-in viral sharing
  • Fraud protection And more…

Gleam Competitions

Gleam Rewards in a similar fashion, however, you can use this part to give your users a coupon or a discount for attracting in with your image. The more activities they complete, the higher the chances they have for unlocking the code.

You can insert the widgets anyplace and incorporate Gleam Rewards effectively with your site, shopping cart, and any other platform.The advantage of Gleam Rewards is the ability to gather social information about your users so you can give them a more focused on offer later on.

6. Woorise


The Woorise application offers customizable templates that enable you to run your challenges and giveaways on your site, Facebook page, blog, and many more. The app and widgets are completely mobile friendly so you can target your contest to include the visitors on mobile devices.

With drag and drop builder features, you can create any type of form for your giveaway. That is from a simple forms asking name and email to more complex ones that incorporate checkboxes, date fields, dropdowns, and many more. Woorise incorporates the most popular social media networks and email platforms with more added regularly.

Woorise offers four distinct plans with a 14-day free trial. The basic plan for $29/month offers the capacity to run boundless contests, gather 2,000 leads, and implant your giveaway on one site.

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The advance plan for $49/month takes into consideration unlimited campaigns, 5,000 leads, inserting the giveaway on one site, and outsider incorporations.

7. Rafflecopter


The last tool on our list is, Rafflecopter, It offers 1-click integration with all major social media platforms, multiple entry options, and simple copy/paste to embed the widget on your site.

Like the other two applications, it naturally incorporates the most famous email services and enables members to refer their friends for additional entries.

Their advanced theming engine makes it conceivable to change and modify each part of your gadget and create movie poster effects with typography. You can likewise send out your entries in a .csv design or manage them intuitively on Rafflecopter’s site.

Which tool should you choose?

Which tools you pick relies upon your particular needs and available spending plan. While every one of the three tools offers generally similar features, every one of them carries something exceptional to the table. Let’s quickly cover the pros and cons of each tool mentioned above.

Gleam app pros and cons

The Gleam application stands out with the capacity to gather social information and bits of knowledge into your members. Another helpful component is the ability to offer coupons and prizes to your clients overrunning a giveaway.

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Some of the pros include:

  • Automated fraud detection
  • Built-in viral sharing
  • Verified entries
  • The ability to run photo and video contests

The downsides of Gleam app include:

  • Email integration available on the paid plans
  • Facebook tab branding available on the most expensive and featured plan
  • Page overlays and other more advanced options are available on the most expensive and featured plan

Everything considered, Gleam certainly offers a huge amount of features. Complete customization is accessible just on their most costly plan and you must be comfortable with HTML and CSS if you need to use.

Woorise pros and cons

The Woorise application offers fewer features than Gleam, in any case, those features are still enough to run a giveaway.

Some of the pros include:

  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Integrated analytics
  • The ability to export your data
  • 1-click pick winners

When it comes to the cons, the greatest drawback of Woorise is the way that there is no free plan, in any case, they do offer a free trial on all of their plans.

Rafflecopter pros and cons

Rafflecopter is probably the most famous tool out of the three. The pros include:

  • 1-click simple integration option available with most social media buttons and email list services
  • Viral refer a friend option
  • Advanced theming engine
  • The ability to add prize images
  • Most affordable out of the three

On the con side, downsides include:

  • Analytics are available on the most expensive plan
  • No support for low-tier plans

When you compare at the three instruments, it’s easy to see that Gleam and Rafflecopter offer fundamentally a larger number of features than Woorise. Rafflecopter additionally offers attractive pricing model. The most features on the free arrangement. It’s an incredible decision for because of the ease of use as well as private companies on a limited spending plan.

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In case you’re searching for a way to offer your users coupons and discounts, at that point the Gleam application is an incredible decision. While somewhat more costly than Rafflecopter, it offers a decent feature set alongside the ability to run photo and video contests and prevent fraud.

At long last, Woorise is an extraordinary decision for built-up organizations who need the usability combined with huge amounts of customization alternatives and the capacity to see analytics during and after their giveaway.

Increase your site traffic and engagement with a giveaway

At long last, it worths thinking about what you can do to encourage more people to take part in your giveaway. For example, you may have a lot of traffic arriving on your giveaway page, but a low amount may participate.

To solve this, you could have a go at testing different prizes or even make a loving welcome page that removes diversions and maintains the attention on your giveaway.

At last, giveaways are an incredible technique for coming to and connecting with your intended interest group just as obtaining various new leads all the while. Explore the features of the devices referenced in this article and use your preferred tool to sort out and run a fruitful giveaway on your site.

Setting up a Contest/Giveaway in WordPress

Let’s set up your first giveaway.

In the first place, you’ll have to do is install and activate the RafflePress plugins. There is a free form of RafflePress accessible, we will demonstrate the Pro version. so we can use all the amazing features.

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Upon activation, the plugin will include another menu thing named ‘RafflePress’ in your WordPress administrator sidebar. Clicking on it will take you to plugin’s settings page.


In the first place, you should enter your license key. You can discover this information under your record on RafflePress site. After entering your license key, you are now all set to make your first Giveaway campaign.

Essentially visit RafflePress » Add New page to begin.


This will launch the RafflePress giveaway builder.

To start with, you have to give a name to your new giveaway campaign. You have to choose a template to use as a beginning stage.


RafflePress accompanies several objective-based campaign layouts to browse. These formats are intended to enable you to get the best outcomes for specific goals like developing your email list, grow your social following, refer-a-friend, Instagram contest, and more.

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RafflePress will currently load the layout in the builder.

Include Your Giveaway Prize Details

To start with, you have to set a prize for your giveaway. Click on the pencil symbol under to the Giveaway Prize Details section to enter prize title and description.


You can likewise upload a picture to show with your prize description.

When you are done, click on the ‘Done editing’ button to save prize details.

Include Your Contest or Giveaway Actions

Giveaway activities are how your users can participate in the challenge. RafflePress accompanies a few activities that you can add to your campaign. You would need to pick the activities that help you accomplish your campaign goal.

You have to change to the ‘Activities’ tab from the left menu, and you will see the list of activities you can include.


Next, click to add an activity to your campaign, and you will see it show up below your prize details. You would then be able to edit the activity settings from the left section.

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Each activity accompanies some fundamental settings. You can set a title for that activity, select the number of entries users will acquire for finishing it, allow daily entries, or make an activity required.

Aside from these settings, you will likewise observe settings related to specific actions. For instance, if you want users to visit your Facebook page, then you will need to enter your Facebook page URL.

Fill in the settings for the activity and afterward switch back to the ‘Add Actions’ tab to include some more.

You can include the same number of activities as you like. Including more choices gives your users more ways to take an interest, and it helps you promote more marketing channels.

We do recommend prioritizing the channels depending on your campaign objectives. For example, if you needed to promote your Pinterest page, at that point you can move it to the top.

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Take your mouse to the activities and afterward use drag and drop to adjust their order.

Remember to tap on the ‘Save’ button on the top to store your giveaway settings.

Edit Your Giveaway Appearance

Since your giveaway is set up, how about we change its appearance.

Change to the ‘Design’ tab in the builder interface and select a format, text style, and button color for your giveaway.

You can also set background color and image if you need to make a giveaway point of arrival.

RafflePress will demonstrate to you a live see of your giveaway as you make changes. When you are fulfilled, remember to tap on the ‘Save’ button to store your changes.

Modify Giveaway/Contest Settings

RafflePress enables you to design each part of your giveaway. You can set standards, show/hide options, set up tracking, and more.

Let’s take a look at these options.

Change to the ‘Settings’ tab from the left menu and click on the ‘General’ tab. From here you can set basic options for your giveaway including the alternative to show winners, several entries, limit signups per IP, and more.

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Giveaway Settings

Next, you have to change to the ‘Giveaway guidelines’ tab.

RafflePress accompanies a Rules Generator which enables you to effectively create giveaway rules for your battle.


Clicking the button will bring a form where you have to enter your giveaway details. Much of the time, you or your organization will be a sponsor of the challenge. You’ll have to give the organization name, address, nation, and qualified areas data.


RafflePress will at that point use this data and create essential giveaway rules and guidelines.


Next, you have to change to the Email check tab.

From here you can turn on email check, which will just acknowledge sections from users who confirm their email address.


Next comes ‘Success tracking’, this choice enables you to include Google Analytics code. You can include these contents load or after a client finishes an activity.

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Next, click on the ‘Success Redirect’ tab. From here you can divert users to any page after the effectively complete all activities.


In conclusion, you will arrive at the social logins section. You can turn on social logins and enable users to join the giveaway by marking in with their Facebook account.


Remember to tap on the save button to store your changes.

Publish and Add Giveaway to Your Website

Since your giveaway is prepared, the time has come to publish and display it on your site.

RafflePress makes it very simple to include your giveaway anywhere your site. There are three different ways you can do as such.

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You use the RafflePress blocks to include giveaway in a blog entry or page

use shortcode to include it anyplace posts, pages, sidebar gadgets

You can likewise make Giveaway greeting page

Let’s check out each of these items.

Technique 1. Using the RafflePress square

Essentially make another post or page in WordPress or edit a current one. On the edit screen, click on the include new block button and after that select RafflePress.


After adding the block, essentially click on the dropdown menu to choose the giveaway you made before.


Technique 2. Using the shortcode

RafflePress likewise enables you to use shortcodes to include giveaway into your blog entries, pages, or sidebar gadgets.

Just edit your giveaway and change to the ‘publish ‘ tab in the developer interface. From here, click on the shortcode alternative and RafflePress will demonstrate the shortcode you can use.

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Duplicate the shortcode and add it anyplace you need to show your giveaway campaign.

Method 3. Make a giveaway presentation page in WordPress

RafflePress likewise enables you to make an independent giveaway point of arrival in WordPress. Edit your giveaway campaigns and go to the publish tab.

Now click on the landing page option and click below to set up your landing page.

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This will carry you to the settings page where you have to make a URL for your point of arrival. Click on the view button to see your landing page in action.


RafflePress will open your giveaway presentation page. You would now be able to duplicate the URL and start promoting your giveaway page.


Publicize Your Giveaway/Contest

You should begin promoting your giveaway even before it starts. This would allow you to get the message out and build excitement.

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You can begin by sending an email newsletter to your supporters and reporting it on your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

You can likewise promote it on applicable online networks and discussions. Connect with influencers, friends, and relatives to enable you to produce opening buzz.

Announcing Giveaway Winners

When your giveaway arrives at it’s end time, RafflePress will consequently stop getting new entries.


It is now time for you to choose winners.

RafflePress enables you to arbitrarily pick winners in a draw. Essentially go to RafflePress » Giveaways page and click on the ‘Need Winners’ links by your giveaway.


You will currently observe all the users that participated in the giveaway. You have to tap on the ‘Pick winner’ button at the top to randomly choose a winner.

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RafflePress will presently ask you what number of winners to pick. After that, it will randomly pick the winners. You can send email those users to let them know how they can get their prize.


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