Create or Show Compact Archives in WordPress Website

Of course, WordPress accompanies a widgets called Archives, which enables you to show month to month blog posts archives links.

If you began a blog couple of years earlier, at that point this list turns out to be too long to even becomes too long to fit in your WordPress sidebar.

You can show archives as a drop-down menu, however, that makes them less recognizable.

In this article, we will tell you the best way to make compact archives that fit in anywhere you want and look much better.

Creating compact archives in WordPress

Why You Need Compact Archives in WordPress Websites?

As we mentioned before, the default WordPress files widgets are limited in choices. You can either show archives as a long list or a dropdown menu.

Because of this issue, many popular blogs don’t show documents on their website at all.

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By making compact archives, you can display them in your WordPress sidebar in less space. You can also show them on your about page or a dedicated Archives section.

learn how to quickly add compact archives in WordPress Websites.

Including Compact Archives in WordPress

First thing you have to do is install and activate the Compact Archives plugin. Compact Archives plugin is created and kept up by the WPBeginner team. We use it our website and recently updated it to add Gutenberg block support.

The plugin offers three styles to show minimized documents on your site.

Style 1. Relaxed up to three-letter month initials

three-letter month initials

Style 2. Compact Monthly Initials

Compact archives with initials only

Style 3. Numeric Block

Numeric archives

There are numerous ways to effortlessly show them anyplace on your site.

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We should begin with the most straightforward one.

Including Compact Archives in WordPress Posts or Pages

Compact Archives plugin accompanies a simple to use Gutenberg blocks called WPBeginner’s Compact Archives.

If you’re using the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress, at that point alter the post or page where you need to show the archives and include the WPBeginner’s Compact Archives blocks to your post or page.

Compact Archives blocks

The blocks will presently show up in the content area of your page. You can click to include a title for your compact archives blocks and select a style from the block settings on the right.

Compact Archives block settings

Adding Compact Archives to WordPress Sidebar

Another normal place to show archive links is your blog’s sidebar. Smaller Archives makes it simple to show archives links in your WordPress site without taking an excess of room in the sidebar.

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Go to Appearance » Widgets and include ‘Compact Archives’ widgets to your sidebar of the website.

Contact Archives gadget

From that point onward, you can give a widget title and select a style. Remember to tap on the save button to save your settings.

You would now be able to visit your site to see compact archives showed in your blog’s sidebar.

Show Compact Archives Using a Shortcode

If you are using the more traditional Classic WordPress editor, at that point you won’t have the option to use the block to include compact archives in WordPress posts or pages.

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Don’t worry, you can still add it by using a handy shortcode. Just edit the post or page where you need to show the archives and include the accompanying shortcode.


This shortcode will just show your minimized documents. The shortcode acknowledges the style, previously, and after parameters.

To display compact archives in the block format, you will have to use this shortcode:

[compact_archive style=”block”]

You can likewise include your very own HTML previously or after the documents.

In the accompanying shortcode, we have shown the compact archive in the numeric format and wrapped it over paragraph tags.

Showing Compact Archives in Template Files

If you are making a custom WordPress theme or need to show archives in a theme template file, at that point Compact Archives accompanies helpful layout tags that you can use.

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Simply add the following template tag in your code.

<ul> <?php compact_archive(); ?> </ul>

There are also several parameters that you can adjust with the shortcode:

<?php compact_archive($style='initial', $before='<li>', $after='</li>'); ?> 

For instance, $style == ‘initial’ will show just month name initials and should fit right inside a sidebar. Using $style == ‘block’, will fit the main section of a page. Using $style == ‘numeric’, will show numeric months.

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