Easy Tips to Get 100% in WordPress Site Health Check Score

WordPress presented a site health check feature in form 5.1, which was additionally improved in WordPress 5.2 to incorporate a site health check score. This component enables site proprietors to watch out for the performance and security issues that may influence their site.

A considerable lot of our readers have asked about how to appropriately use the site health check feature, and what it may or may not be able to do. In this article, we will tell you the best way to get a 100% score in WordPress site health check. We will likewise respond to some usually posed inquiries about the site health check feature.

Tips to get a 100% site health check score in WordPress

Tips to get a 100% site health check score in WordPress
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What is WordPress Site Health Check Score?

WordPress Site Health check score is a component in WordPress, which searches for essential execution and security issues and gives a health check score dependent on different tests. You can see your site health check score by visiting Tools » Site Health page in your WordPress administrator region.

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Getting an ideal score in WordPress site health check

WordPress controls over 34% of all sites on the web. The vast majority who make a site using WordPress are beginners and non-geek clients. WebPage Health check features run a series of tests to check whether their site is performing with ideal settings and most modern server programming.

In what manner can a decent site health check score help your WordPress site?

Webpage health check feature runs a series of tests to search for normal execution and security issues on a WordPress site. One model is a test that checks if your site is running the most recent PHP version. Using more seasoned PHP versions can make your site moderate and additionally act up with various mainstream WordPress plugins.

Showing signs of improvement webpage health check score guarantees that your site is running under ideal conditions. That being stated, how about we investigate how to get a 100% score in WordPress site health check.

1. Improve WordPress Hosting

Improve WordPress Hosting
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Nothing impacts a site’s presentation more than the web hosting organisation. This is the essential choice you make for a website. Using an incompatible hosting supplier can influence your WordPress site from multiple points of view.

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They will, in general use more experienced programming, don’t have all the PHP plugin introduced. There is no simple way for a user to fix those issues. Picking a WordPress hosting organization with a demonstrated reputation gives you a big stage to construct your site.

We suggest using Bluehost, SiteGround, or Dreamhost. They are generally authoritatively prescribed WordPress hosting organisation and the greatest names in the hosting business.

For all the more hosting suggestions, see our complete guide on the best way to pick the best WordPress hosting for your site.

2. Stay up to date

WordPress is a regularly kept up open-source programming. Each new WordPress release brings new highlights, bug fixes, and improves the security of your site.

Many beginners fears that updating their WordPress can break their website permanently. They overlook WordPress refreshes and thus, leave their sites helpless against security dangers. You have to ensure that you are continually using the most recent WordPress version.

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3. Introduce SSL/HTTPS in WordPress

Really Simple SSL

SSL ensures your site by encoding the information move from server to client’s programs. SSL enable websites to use HTTPs rather than HTTP in their URLs and have a lock symbol in the location bar.

To change from HTTP to HTTPs, you should introduce an SSL declaration on your site. The vast majority of our prescribed WordPress hosting suppliers offer free. For more details, see our guide on the most proficient method to get free SSL support for WordPress with well-ordered guidelines on the best way to set it up.

4. Keep WordPress Plugins and Theme Updated

Update WordPress modules

Much the same as WordPress itself, WordPress topics and plugins are additionally customarily refreshed. You have to look out for the available updates and install them to keep your site renewed.

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Plugin and topics use updates to convey new highlights, fix bugs, and close security issues. You have to introduce updates to ensure that your site isn’t helpless against any realized security issue.

For WordPress themes, you can go to Appearance » Themes page to introduce an update. You can likewise refresh a WordPress theme physically.

5. Use The Latest MySQL or MariaDB Version

WordPress stores all your site content in a database. Of course, WordPress By default supports database the board programming like MySQL and MariaDB (a fork of MySQL).

Using the most recent version of MySQL or MariaDB guarantees that WordPress can securely store your site information. A more permanent change may make your site good for SEO.

You have to ensure that your site is running the most recent stable variant of MySQL/Maria. You can discover the data about your database programming version by changing to the information tab in site health.

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Your site is using a more established form of MySQL or MariaDB, at that point you have to contact your WordPress hosting companies and request that they update it.

6. Use The Latest PHP Version

WordPress is written in the PHP programming language. It is a server-side language, which means it keeps running on your hosting server to produce WordPress pages progressively.

Using the most recent PHP variant gives your site performance support. It likewise guarantees similarity with new WordPress plugin includes that may require the most recent PHP variant to work accurately.

If your website is using a most older version of PHP, at that point, you should request that your hosting organisation update it for you. Some hosting companies like Bluehost and WP Engine enable you to change the PHP version from the admin area.

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7. Remove Unused WordPress Plugins and Themes

Remove Unused WordPress Plugins and Themes

Technically, You can use any number of WordPress plugin on your site as long as they are well-coded. It’s possible that You can keep all your inactive plugins installed on your WordPress site. They are not stacked by WordPress and don’t influence your site’s performance or speed.

It is prescribed that you erase any inactive plugin that you needn’t bother. They occupy storage, can be used to cover up malware, increment security sweep time, and there is a chance you may accidentally deactivate them.

8. Keep WordPress Automatic Updates Enabled

Keep WordPress Automatic Updates Enabled

WordPress guides update itself and install the most recent security releases. These are minor releases yet critical for the wellbeing and security of your site.

However, the site owner does be able to turn off automatic WordPress updates. This should be possible by using an update manager plugin or by including code in the wp-config.php document.

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These security updates are naturally install on a large number of sites. Ensure that programmed updates are enable on your WordPress site to keep your site secure with these helpful updates.

9. Keep Rest API Enabled

Keep Rest API Enabled

REST API in WordPress enables developers to safely utilize HTTP requests to perform activities on a WordPress site. Many webpage owners disable REST API to ensure their sites against savage power assaults.

In any case, website health does not suggest it. Since you may need REST API to use outsider applications or some WordPress plugin. Ensure that REST API is allow to improve your WordPress site health score.

10. Ensure WordPress Can Run (CRON)Scheduled Jobs

Ensure WordPress Can Run (CRON)Scheduled Jobs

Your WordPress site needs to perform planned assignments like checking for updates. These jobs use a framework called cron employments. Now and again, your hosting environment may block them from running, or you may accidentally stopped WordPress cron jobs.

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You have to ensure that WordPress can run these planned undertakings to improve your site health score.

11. Ensure Required PHP plugins are Installed

Ensure Required PHP plugins are Installed
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PHP plugin and additions are extra libraries that expand the usefulness of the PHP programming language. WordPress prescribes a few PHP plugins to introduced for ideal performance.

You can find a list of extension on the WordPress site. A portion of this extension is require.

How to install the missing WordPress plugin?

You should request that your hosting comapny install them for you. Some web hosting companies enable you to install them from hosting dashboard (search for PHP PEAR Packages). Nonetheless, you would, in any case, need to arrange them in php.ini document which may not be more straightforward for beginners.

12. Disable WordPress Debug Mode

Disable WordPress Debug Mode

WordPress accompanies a primary debug mode which enables you to check whether a plugin, theme, or custom code is throwing a few mistakes. This component is expect to used by developers or experienced users.

It isn’t prescribe to turn on the WordPress debug mode for a live website. It might demonstrate warning and notification in the WordPress admin zone which influences client experience.  

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Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress Site Health Feature

WordPress site health feature gives brilliant proposals and suggestions. In any case, there are still a few inquiries that may emerge in your mind.

Here we will try to respond to a portion of those inquiries.

1. How do I investigate a WordPress site?

Site health check feature gives you reviewing data that can be used for the review. Fundamentally change to the Data tab, and from here, you can discover point by point data about your WordPress introduce.

For instance, you can discover which PHP variant your site is using or how much memory farthest point is permitted on your site.

Site heatlh investigate data

2. Does the perfect WebPage health score imply my WordPress site is secure?

No, the site health score demonstrates that your WordPress establishment uses the prescribed WordPress settings. You would even now need to improve WordPress security to ensure your site against usual dangers.

3. Do I have to get a 100% site health check the score in WordPress?

No, you don’t have to get a 100% site health check score. Any score above 80% is viewed as sufficient to run a WordPress site without huge issues.
Be that as it may, it feels extraordinary to get a 100% site health score. It additionally guarantees that you are not passing up any of the prescribed WordPress recommendations for your site.

4. Which site health checks are increasingly significant?

Site health tests are given three status marks:

Great (Passed tests)
Prescribed (changes are suggested however a bit much)
Basic (Significant issues that you should think about fixing)

Fundamental issues are progressively significant, and you ought to think about fixing them first.

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We hope this article helped you learn about Easy Tips to Get 100% in WordPress Site Health Check Score to use on your project. You may also want to see our list of other articles too.

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