Complete WordPress Installation Guide on WordPress hosting

WordPress is known as the most prominent website builder and designer on the planet. It controls over 33% of all sites on the web. The primary explanation behind this is WordPress is simple and easy to use, and anybody can make a website and start a business.

WordPress web hosting companies enable you to introduce WordPress with the only couple of clicks. In most circumstances, installing WordPress is a straightforward procedure that takes under five minutes to finish.

In this article, we will offer a complete WordPress installation tutorial for beginners and advanced users.

For beginners, we will tell you the best way to install WordPress on all top hosting companies with 1-click install scripts like Fantastico, Softaculous, and QuickInstall. We will likewise disclose how to introduce WordPress physically utilizing FTP for our moderate clients.

Ultimately, for our beginner developer and designers, we will tell you the best way to install WordPress on a neighborhood PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

Complete WordPress Installation Guide on WordPress hosting

Step by step instructions to install WordPress

Things You Need Before Installing WordPress

Before you install WordPress, first, you will require a domain name and a good web hosting company that knows WordPress.

Since this is a long and definite tutorial, please use the navigation below to get to the appropriate section.

How to Install WordPress from cPanel

Cpanel is a well-known software utilized by many web hosting companies. It furnishes site proprietors with a straightforward online interface to deal with their hosting account. It is one-stop access to a few valuable utilities, including auto-installer contents that help you introduce WordPress.

Hosting companies select which auto-installer content they need to utilize. By and large, Softaculous, QuickInstall, and Fantastico are the most popular choices. We will tell you the best way to introduce WordPress utilizing every one of the three auto-installers. You can adhere to the directions, given the installer you see on your cPanel dashboard.

How to Install WordPress using Softaculous

Softaculous is a prevalent auto-installer content. It enables you to effectively introduce popular web applications like WordPress, with only a couple of clicks. Many Hosting companies like SiteGround and InMotion Hosting use this software in their cpanel.

Just login to your cPanel record and search for Softaculous or WordPress installer symbol. You will discover them under Auto Installers area.

softaculous icon

Tapping on any of these will dispatch Softaculous auto-installer for WordPress. To begin with, You have to tap on the Install tab to proceed.

softaculous install wp

Click on the introduce tab to keep adding WordPress utilizing Softaculous. Softaculous will currently ask you where you need to introduce WordPress. You have to pick http://or http://www. As convention.

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If your site has SSL and HTTPS, at that point, you can choose https://or https://www. As convention.

You have to pick the domain name where you need to introduce WordPress. Most clients need to add WordPress in their space’s root index, as You have to ensure that the ‘In Directory’ field is clear.

Look down a bit, and you will see the site settings area.

Softaculous WordPress site settings

You need to do some important things for setting up your website. You need to write website title and description for your WordPress website. It can be easily changed, if you want to change for this Go to WordPress admin area after installation and change the title and description.

Next, you have to pick an administrator username, password, and email address. Softaculous will naturally fill in the username and password for you. It will utilize a non-lexicon word for username and a solid password.

You can change your password if you want so that they are easy to remember for you. However, we firmly ask you to utilize a strong password consistently.

Ensure that you enter the right email address in the administrator email field. This is the place WordPress will send warnings and reset password link if you ever forgot your password. 

Rest of the choices on the screen are discretionary. You would now be able to tap on the install button to run the installer.

Softaculous will run the installer utilizing the settings you gave. You will see an improvement bar with establishment status. It will take a few minutes. Try not to close the window until the progress bar arrives at 100%; this may influence your WordPress establishment.

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Softaculous WordPress establishment advance

You will see a victory message after the establishment is done. It will likewise demonstrate you connect to your site and your WordPress administrator directory.

Softaculous WordPress establishment wrapped up.

How to Install WordPress using QuickInstall

QuickInstall is another prevalent auto-installer utilized by much Hosting company like HostGator and others. We will use HostGator’s cPanel dashboard here. It wouldn’t be very different if you are using some other host that has QuickInstall.

To begin with, you have to log in to your hosting record’s cPanel dashboard. Look down to the Software area and after that, click on the QuickInstall symbol.

QuickInstall symbol in cPanel dashboard

This will take you to the one click Installer page on QuickInstall. You will see that it offers establishments for most mainstream web applications, including WordPress. You have to tap on WordPress to dispatch the WordPress installer.

Select WordPress to start the establishment

The installer will presently demonstrate to you the WordPress review. You will be approached to choose your domain name starting from the drop menu.

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Most beginners want to install WordPress directly on their root of their website, for example, In that case, you need to this same thing then you can leave the directory field blank.

Dispatch WordPress installer in QuickInstall

Click on the following button to proceed. The installer will currently request that you enter WordPress subtleties like username, email address, and site title.

QuickInstall WordPress site settings

In the wake of filling in all the data, click on the Install button.

QuickInstall will presently introduce WordPress for you. From that point onward, you will see a victory message with your login subtleties like username and password.

WordPress effectively introduced utilizing QuickInstall.

You would now be able to tap on the ‘Login’ button to enter the WordPress administrator region.

That is all, and you have effectively introduced WordPress utilizing QuickInstall.

How to Install WordPress using Fantastico

 Fantastico is an auto-installer content used by a few WordPress hosting companies. It is like the other installer contents in this guide and offers a more straightforward method to introduce WordPress rapidly.

To start with, you have to log in to your cPanel dashboard and look down to programming and administrations segment, and there you will discover the Fantastico symbol.

Fantastico symbol in cPanel dashboard

Tapping on the Fantastico symbol will dispatch the auto-installer content.

If Fantastico on your host appears to be unique, at that point don’t stress. Fundamental establishment steps are the equivalent, and you ought to have the option to tail them effortlessly.

On the fundamental Fantastico screen, you will see a rundown of web applications to your left side. You have to tap on Blogs, and there you will discover WordPress recorded among numerous different applications.

Tapping on WordPress will demonstrate to you a diagram of the application with the ‘Install’ button.

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Fantastico WordPress installer

Just click on the ‘click here to install WordPress’ button to proceed.

Fantastico auto-installer for WordPress will currently request that you fill in your establishment settings. To start with, you have to pick the domain where you need to introduce WordPress.

Fantastico WordPress introduces settings.

You need to introduce WordPress in a sub-index, at that point you can enter the sub-catalogs name in the field underneath. Something else, ensure that this field is unfilled.

Under the ‘Overseer Details’ segment, you have to give administrator client account data. Important Details like username, password, and email address for your WordPress administrator account.

Click on the Submit button to proceed.

Fantastico will currently introduce WordPress for you. When it has got done with introducing WordPress you will see a triumph message.

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost

Bluehost is a formally suggested WordPress hosting provider and one of the most prominent WordPress hosting company. They know WordPress back to front and have the most learner well disposed of the WordPress establishment process.

Bluehost naturally introduces WordPress on your area name when you sign up. When you log in to your Bluehost account, you’ll discover your WordPress site under ‘My Sites’ tab.

Bluehost login to your WordPress site

You can tap on ‘Sign into WordPress’ button, and it will take you straightforwardly to the WordPress administrator area.

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Aside from their ‘Fundamental’ plan, Bluehost likewise enables you to introduce WordPress on unlimited sites with the same plans.

Essentially click on the ‘Create Site’ button under ‘My Sites’ tab to begin.

Putting in new WordPress site in Bluehost

This will dispatch the Bluehost guided WordPress establishment wizard. To begin with, it will request that you give a site title and alternatively a tagline.

Give a site title to your new WordPress site.

Click the ‘Next’ button to proceed.

After which, you will be approached to choose a domain name and path for your site. If you have just bought a domain name, at that point, you can select it from the dropdown menu. You can generally purchase and add new domain names to your record by visiting the ‘Domain’ page from the Hosting dashboard.

Select area name and fundamental modules

After choosing your domain name, you can leave the directory path blank and let Bluehost pick it for you. The installer will likewise demonstrate a couple of fundamental modules that you can introduce.

You would now be able to tap on the ‘Next’ button to proceed.

The installer will set up your WordPress site, which may take a couple of minutes. From that point forward, you will see a victory message with your WordPress site subtleties.

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Effectively introduced WordPress on Bluehost

You will likewise get these subtleties using email. You would now be able to tap on the login to the WordPress button to enter your new site’s administrator zone.

Congrats, you have introduced WordPress on your Bluehost hosting account.

How to Install WordPress on HostGator

HostGator is another popular shared WordPress hosting provider among beginners. They likewise make it excessively simple to introduce WordPress with only a couple of click.

To start with, you have to log in to your HostGator hosting record’s dashboard. From here, you have to tap on the ‘QuickInstall’ symbol under the ‘Product’ area.

Introducing WordPress on HostGator

On the following screen, you have to tap on ‘WordPress’ to dispatch the installer wizard.

Select WordPress to start the establishment

Presently, you will be approached to write the domain name where you want to install WordPress and enter a directory path.

Most learners need to introduce WordPress in the root of their domain name (for instance, You have to leave the catalog field clear.

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Select your domain name

Click the Next button to proceed.

The installer will presently request that you enter the WordPress site Title. You should give a site title, administrator username, first and last name, and an administrator email address. Ensure that you approach that email address since this is the place you will get your WordPress email.

HostGator WordPress introduces settings.

CIlick on the ‘Install’ button to proceed.

The installer will currently keep running out of sight to introduce WordPress for you. When completed, you will see a victory message with your administrator user name and password.

HostGator WordPress establishment wrapped up.

You would now be able to tap on the ‘Login’ button to get to the WordPress administrator directory.

Congrats, you have effectively introduced WordPress on your HostGator account.

How to Install WordPress on SiteGround

SiteGround is a popular choice among WordPress learners. They are known for their phenomenal help and exceptionally advanced WordPress hosting plans.

SiteGround offers pain-free WordPress installers with every one of their arrangements. You can introduce WordPress straightforwardly from your hosting dashboard.

We will show you various techniques for introducing WordPress on SiteGround. You can pick one that works for you.

1. Introducing WordPress on SiteGround as a New User

You can simply join with SiteGround, and at that point, you will get a welcome popup on your first login. It will inquire as to whether you would need to set up your site now.

SiteGround new client WordPress establishment wizard

You have to choose ‘Begin another site’ and after that, click on WordPress.

The installer wizard will presently request WordPress establishment subtleties. You have to give an email address, an administrator username, and password for your new WordPress site.

Enter WordPress login subtleties for your establishment

Click on the ‘Accept’ button to proceed.

On the following screen, you will see subtleties of your determination. You can likewise choose extra site upgrades however we will skip them for the present. You can include them later if necessary.

Completion WordPress establishment on new SiteGround account

Feel free to tap on the total arrangement button. The installer will currently introduce WordPress for you out of sight, and you will see a victory message when it is done.

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Effectively introduced WordPress on new SiteGround account

You would now be able to click ‘Visit admin panel’ button. From here, you’ll locate your new site under the ‘My Accounts’ tab.

Visit WordPress administrator board

You can tap on ‘Visit administrator board’ to enter the WordPress administrator region.

Congrats! You have effectively introduced WordPress on your new SiteGround account.

2. Introducing WordPress on SiteGround as Existing Customer

SiteGround makes it incredibly simple to introduce WordPress from your hosting account at whenever. Basically login to your hosting account and visit the cPanel dashboard.

Visit cPanel dashboard in SiteGround

This will stack the cPanel dashboard, which is essentially an online interface to deal with your hosting account.

From here you have to look down to the ‘Auto Installers’ segment and click on WordPress.

Dispatch WordPress installer in SiteGround

This will launch WordPress, you have to tap on the install button, afterward select a website protocol and domain name.

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SiteGround WordPress installer

Underneath that, you have to enter your site title, administrator username, password, and email address.

WordPress site settings

You can leave the other options unchecked as it will walk you through post-installation steps to set up your website.

Discretionary settings

Click on the ‘Install’ button to proceed.

The installer will currently keep running out of sight and set up a WordPress introduce. When completed, you will see a victory message with a connection to your WordPress site’s administrator zone.

WordPress establishment wrapped up

Tapping on the administrator zone connection will take you to your site and dispatch the website set up wizard. This well ordered wizard will enable you to begin with WordPress. Click on the ‘Begin Now’ button to proceed.

SiteGround WordPress starter

To begin with, the starter wizard will approach you to pick a structure for your WordPress site. It will indicate you hand-picked configuration formats sorted out in different classifications.

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SiteGround WordPress starter plan choice

We suggest picking a basic structure that takes after what you have as a main priority. Keep in mind each topic accompanies customization alternatives, and you can change what it looks like to your very own taste.

That’s it in a nutshell. You have effectively introduced WordPress on your SiteGround hosting account.

How to Install WordPress on WP Engine

WP Engine is the best-managed WordPress hosting provider. A managed hosting account is essentially an attendant service for your WordPress site.

They deal with your WordPress site updates, establishment, and execution improvement while you center around developing your business.

As a managed WordPress hosting provider, WP Engine naturally introduces WordPress when you sign up. Contingent upon your hosting plan, you can likewise make new sites at whatever point you need them.

Necessarily, login to your WP Engine dashboard and visit the ‘Destinations’ page. You will see a rundown of all your WordPress locales. Click the ‘Make Site’ button to include another WordPress introduce.

WP Engine makes a new site.

On the following screen, you will be directed to give a name to your production environment. Enter a name that encourages you to effectively recognize this site and afterward click on ‘Make Environment’ button.

Include a generation situation WordPress site

WP Engine will presently introduce your WordPress condition. It will require some investment for DNS changes to propagate.

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After that, you will most likely access the WordPress administrator area by tapping on the link in the sidebar. You will have the option to see your login credential.

Login to your WordPress condition in WPEngine

To add a domain to your site, you have to tap on the included domain. Since it is not a domain registrar, you will need to point your domain’s Domain Naming System settings to WP Engine.

To do this, you will require your site’s IP Address and CNAME. You can discover this data on the overview page of your website.

Duplicate the DNS data

Presently we will tell you the best way to enter this data in The basic settings are the equivalent for all space enlistment centers. You need to discover the Domain Name System setting.

Login to your account and go to dashboard. Click on Domain Naming System and Nameserver settings for your domain name.

Area DNS and nameserver settings

On the following screen, first, you have to change the A record with the @ sign as its name. Click to Edit button to change its settings.

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Changing A record settings

From that point onward, you have to enter the IP address given by WP Engine as this present record’s worth and after that click to Update DNS catch.

Supplanting A record esteem

Next, you have to check whether you have a CNAME record with www as its name. If you do, at that point you should alter that CNAME record. Something else, feel free to tap on the ‘Include DNS Record’ button.

Including CNAME record

Include the CNAME subdomain given by WPEngine in the Value field and after that click on the Add DNS catch.

That is all you have adequately indicated your domain name your WordPress site hosted on WP Engine.

How to Install WordPress using FTP

Physically installing WordPress is also a famous 5-minute install. For using WordPress website using FTP, you will need an FTP client to manually install WordPress. First and foremost thing you have to do is to download the recent version of WordPress.

WordPress bundle comes as a Zip document. Now unzip the file,  and find a WordPress folder inside it. This contains essential folder which contains all the WordPress files you need to upload to your web server. 

WordPress records

Feel free to associate the FTP customer to your hosting server. When associated, use the FTP customer to transfer the WordPress documents from your PC to your site server.

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transferring WordPress records utilizing a FTP customer

To install WordPress on your root directory like, Upload WordPress files to your website’s root directory. Usually this directory is called /public_html/.

Then again, If you need to introduce WordPress in a subfolder (like, at that point transfer it in an organizer/public_html/blog/.

When you are finished transferring WordPress, go to your hosting control board to make a database. We will tell you the best way to do that use the cPanel. If your hosting provider has a different setting in control panel then just look for MySQL databases. Rest settings of MySQL will be quite similar.

From your cPanel dashboard, click on the ‘MySQL Databases’ icon.

From your cPanel dashboard, click on the 'MySQL Databases' symbol.

MySQL database symbol in cPanel

You will see a field to make another database. Enter a name for your database, and click ‘Make Database’.

Make database

Since you have made your database, MySQL still needs a username. This username will approach perform activities on the database.

Look down to MySQL Users area on the MySQL Databases page in your cPanel account. Just give a username and password to your new user and click on the ‘Create a user’ button.

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Include a MySQL user

This new user still does not approach the database you made before. For that, you should add the user to the database and give them authorizations to play out all activities.

On the equivalent, MySQL Databases page in your cPanel account, look down to ‘Add User to a Database’ area. Select the database client you made from the dropdown menu alongside the client, at that point select the database, and click on the install button.

Add user to the database

You will be presently requested the benefits you need to permit this user. Select all benefits and click on the Make changes button.

Your MySQL database and the user are presently prepared, note down your database name and MySQL username and password. You will require that data later.

Go to to the URL and enter your domain name in the browser window, if it is in the main domain.

You will see the language choice page. You can pick a language here with the goal that the remainder of the establishment is shown in your language. You can likewise utilize English for the present and after that later change the word.

Select WordPress language

Click on the proceed with a button to continue.

You will presently observe some established guidelines. Necessarily, WordPress will directly reveal to you that it will require your database name, password, and MySQL have data.

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WordPress establishment prerequisites

Click on the GO button to continue forward.

It will now show you a form in which you need to enter the database information you created earlier.

Enter database data for WordPress establishment

Fill in the data and afterward click on the ‘Submit’ button. WordPress will interface with your database and demonstrate to you a success message.

WordPress would now be able to associate with your database

Click on ‘Run the Install’ button to proceed.

WordPress will presently make tables in your database and afterward, send you to the following stage of the establishment.

Presently you have to give some data to WordPress to set up your site. This incorporates site title, username, password, and administrator email address.

Check the box next to discourage search engine visibility, if you do not want to get indexed to search engines. You can undo this WordPress settings, if you changed your mind later.

Setting up your site during WordPress introduce

Click on the Install WordPress button to proceed. WordPress will set up your website and completion of the establishment.

You will see a success message demonstrating your username. You would now be able to tap on the login catch to sign in to your WordPress site.

Manual WordPress establishment wrapped up

How to Install WordPress on your Computer

A considerable lot of our beginner level clients frequently inquire as to whether they could try WordPress on their PC? The appropriate response is correct, however, most user should not do that.

The main reason behind why people install WordPress in a local server environment. They do this is to build WordPress themes,  and plugins, or to testing something.

There is no need to install WordPress on your computer because the only you can see your website by this.

To make your WordPress site available worldwide, you need to get a web hosting and WordPress installed in it by using one of the above methods.

You can use this if you are interested in installing WordPress locally on your computer to learn more about theme development and test plugins.

How to Install WordPress in your Language

Much the same as Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android, you can utilize WordPress in your language.

WordPress is accessible in numerous dialects including English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Korean, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese (Han), Portuguese, and numerous others.

You can pick a language during the WordPress establishment or change it by visiting Settings » General page in the WordPress administrator zone.

Changing language in WordPress settings

WordPress is additionally used broadly to make bilingual and multilingual sites.

Effective method to Install a WordPress Multisite Network

WordPress accompanies multisite usefulness worked in. The multisite system enables you to make different WordPress destinations utilizing the equivalent WordPress introduce. It can naturally make new destinations on sub-areas or in sub-organizers.

This bodes well for organizations, non-benefits, governments with sub-locales for various areas or districts. Numerous organizations use WordPress multisite system. It enables understudies and makes their online journals.

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