Most Popular JavaScript Libraries of all time

There is no uncertainty that JavaScript is as of now the #1 programming language on the planet and the lord of web improvement. If you want to become into a web developer who can quickly make websites as you see on the web then a good knowledge on JavaScript and different, notable JavaScript web development frameworks and the library is significant for you.

These framework has changed how individuals create web application a decade ago. After node.js, it’s much more possible to make an absolute web application from front-to-back utilizing just one programming language, JavaScript. That is the reason it has become the most adored programming language of all Full-stack Web Developers.

JavaScript started its journey as a customer side scripting language which could be utilized close by HTML for making site pages and give dynamic funtionality at the customer side like the validation of input and animations.

Things started changing when AJAX comes into the picture which permitted the web developer to refresh a bit of the website page without refreshing the whole page from the server, this made the GUI speedier and progressively responsive.

By then comes jQuery which made the JavaScript famous. It dominated the match for JavaScript on the customer side with virtually no competition but server-side language like Python, PHP, and Ruby was as yet required to make web applications.

Also, making and managing UI wasn’t straightforward with different technologies, for instance, JSP, ASP .NET, etc. However, at that point comes node.js which made it possible to develop a server-side part utilizing JavaScript. Presently, you can develop a totally valuable web application by just utilizing JavaScript.

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Top JavaScript frameworks and libraries for Web Developers

Right now, am going to share the most significant JavaScript frameworks and library you can use for web development. As a web developer, you ought to be familiarized with them and know when you can utilize them to build your next project. The list includes frameworks like Angular, Ember.JS, Node.JS, and libraries like jQuery, ReactJS, Anime Js and many more.

1. Node.js

Node JS

Node.js or Node JS is another stunning JavaScript framework that permits you to develop a server-side component utilizing JavaScript.

The advantage of Node JS is that now you can develop a web application from beginning to end utilizing just JavaScript.

It’s additionally free and runs on an different platform (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.) Node.js utilizes an asynchronous, event driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and effective.

Node.js’ pack ecological framework, npm, is in like manner the greatest biological system of open source libraries on the planet.

2. React JS

React Js

React is Facebook’s component based web development framework for making UIs and offering declarative perspective, which makes the code continuously straightforward and easier to troubleshoot.

It doesn’t support controllers or models. React can also render on the server utilizing Node and power mobile applications utilizing React Native. It permits you to build incredible, quick, straightforward and responsive web applications.

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3. Vue.js

Vue Js

Vue.js is another open-source dynamic JavaScript framework for building UIs, as React.

The USP of Vue.js is its adaptability, integeration into projects that utilization other JavaScript libraries is straightforward with Vue since it is designed to be consistently adoptable.

It furthermore supports explanatory rendering utilizing temple syntax to data information to the DOM. For learners, Nuxt.js — Vue.js on Steroids is a decent place, to begin with, and find more data.

4. jQuery


jQuery is likely the most popular JavaScript library out there which gives such countless features to cutting edge advancement.

You can utilize jQuery API for event handling animation and controlling of the HTML document, additionally called DOM. Other than this, jQuery is being utilized with the Angular and React App building tool too. One of the must-know JavaScript library for web improvement.

5. Backbone.js

BackBone JS

Backbone.js is a JavaScript library with a RESTful JSON interface and relies upon the Model, View, and Presenter Design perspective. It gives structure to overpowering web applications.

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It also provides models with key-value binding and custom events, models with a rich API of enumerable functions, views with declarative event handling, and connects everything to your current API over a RESTful JSON interface.

If a UI action allows a model attribute to transform, it will bring a programmed change of event. The adjustments in the models are spread to UI to push them to re-render themselves.

6. Ember.js

Ember Js

Ember.js is another notable, open-source JavaScript web frameowrk that relies upon the Model and View design.

It allows the developer to make versatile single-page web applications by joining common expressions and best practices into the framework itself.

It has incorporated features like templates also considered handlebars that helps writing less code and able to refresh themselves with changes in data. Ember.js can be installed utilizing NPM.

7. Meteor JS

Meteor Js

Meteor or MeteorJS is a full-stack JavaScript stage for making current web and mobile applications.

It includes a key set of technologies for building connected client reactive applications, a build tool, and a curated set of bundles from the Node.js and general JavaScript forms group.

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It helps in quicker application improvement for web, mobile or desktop with reasonably less code.

8. AngularJS

anguar Js

Angularrecently known as Angular JS is a single web devleopment framework made by Google for both desktop and mobile web applications.

Angular targets making dynamic web applications by offering dependency injection that helps in data service gathering for applications while a HTML layout that is used for making templates.

Angluar additionally has a stunning biological framework that combines four information libraries and support in IDEs.

9. Polymer JS

polymer js

The polymer is another open-source JavaScript library that urges you to make custom reusable HTML components, which can be used to build performant, maintainable web applications.

If you differentiate Angular and Polymer as both are made by Google, by then Angular is a completed framework for building web applications, while Polymer is just a library for making Web Components.

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10. Ext.JS

ext js

For a change, Ext.JS is a business Javascript item rather than free and open source stuff we have been discussing up until now.

Ext JS also called Sencha Ext JS is utilized for making data-intensive, enterprise-oriented and cross-platform web applications. It gives a few cutting edge UI parts like calenders and data grid.

11. Anime.JS

Anime JS

Anime.js is one of the most mainstream JavaScript libraries for making animantion. You can animate anything from fundamental things like moving simple components changing CSS properties and JavaScript object value to cutting edge stuff like motion path, morphin effect or line drawing a picture. As is exceptionally simple to use all major browsers and most importantly it’s quick.

12. Howler.JS

Howler Js

If you intend to add sound to your site. You can’t miss howler.js this library. This library lets you take care of sound making your music player, playing sound on JavaScript occasion or even 3D spatial audio effect for game development. All of them should be possible with only a couple of lines of code with howler.js

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13. Chart.JS

chart js

Chart.js is one of the most well known JavaScript graph libraries. It gives all that you have to make any sort of graph from the fundamental line and bar diagram to a advanced chart like a Radar graph or nonlinear scale outline. You can alter nearly everything – color, styles, legends tooltips – and so on. Chart.js gives a transition animation effects out of the case, so you don’t need to do anything. Additionally, the graph is completely responsive to the window size so you don’t need to worry over it.

14. Reveal.JS

reveal js

If you need to make an online presentation try reveal.js. it resembles an enhanced and progressively adjustable version of PowerPoint except its HTML. You can make slides and include transition effect zoom in and out change theme or even advanced features like making vertical slides open a different speaker window or export the whole presentation as PDF.

15. Three.JS

three js

WebGL is one of the top website design trends this year. The first JavaScript WebGL library everybody can consider is three.js. Making a 3D scene and realistic effect like these examples should be possible with only a couple of lines of code. The cool thing about three.js is they are not constraint to WebGL. You can utilize three.js to make a CSS 3D transform effect or use it to render a SVG picture without using canvas by any means. Try not to miss this library if you need a dazzling 3d impact on your site or building up a game.

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16. Pixi.JS

Pixi Js

If three.js is the king of 3D WebGL pixi.js is the lord for the 2D world. If you are searching for a WebGL JavaScript library to make 2D impacts like glitch animation, smoke or parallax. Pixi.js is the one for you the quality of this library is speed, adaptability and very simple to utilize. For instance, water ripple effects use just take around 20 lines of JavaScript code.

17. Video.JS

Video Js

If you need to include recordings your site it’s difficult any JavaScript library better than video.js. You can easily customize the video player skins and different playback choices like speed aspect ratio or even set it as a video background. The cool thing about video.js is there are huge amounts of library plugins that you can download for additional features, for example, making your skins streaming video with Chromecast or even adding mosaic to your video as that is in support of this.

That is about a part of the essential JavaScript frameworks and libraries for current web development. These JavaScript libraries had made web development quicker and less difficult. You will also discovered different other JavaScript libraries for After Node.js it’s even possible to build up a total web application, front to back using just Javascript.

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