Rules For Using WordPress Logo and Trademark (Explained)

As a user of WordPress and blogger writing platform, there are a few guidelines about the WordPress logo and trademark that you have to remember.

WordPress is open-source programming. However, it is as yet secured by copyright and trademark laws. Numerous learners don’t have any knowledge with them, and they may accidentally violate the guidelines.

In this article, we will clarify the standards you have to pursue when using the WordPress logo and trademark. We will likewise examine why it is essential and what rights you are given under the WordPress permit.

Understanding GPL – The WordPress License

Let’s start with the basics first

There are two kinds of WordPress sites. is a hosted solution, and after that, there is simply the well known additionally called self-hosted WordPress.

At the point when a great many people say WordPress, they are discussing WordPress is discharged under the open-source GPL permit. This makes WordPress free software. Free here is used as an opportunity not as in free espresso.

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This permit allows anybody to download, duplicate, use, study, and alter the WordPress code. While the software itself allowed to use, you should buy a domain name and domain name and web hosting account to introduce WordPress and make a site.

There is a misguided judgment among beginners about free software and copyright. While you are allowed to use the software code in any way you need, the product itself is secured by copyright and trademark laws.

I don’t get this meaning?

Fundamentally, you can duplicate the WordPress code to make new programming. However, you can’t call your product WordPress.

The name WordPress is a registered trademark claim by the WordPress company. It is a non-benefit association which guarantees that WordPress runs effectively as a free open source venture.

Why Do You Need to Understand WordPress Logo and Trademark Rules?

Rules For Using WordPress Logo and Trademark

WordPress controls about 33% of all sites on the web. That is a considerable number. A large number of organizations depend on WordPress to successfully run their site, online networks, and web publications.

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To ensure that everything works smoothly, WordPress brand and trademark should have been secured. For this reason, the WordPress trademark moved to The WordPress Foundation in 2010.

Presently the issue is that WordPress establishment isn’t the one in particular that deals with WordPress. It is an open-source venture where a large number of individuals add to its prosperity.

Aside from those donors, there are numerous organizations, people, and specialists who sell WordPress related items and administrations around the globe.

You are running a WordPress site, a website production office, or giving WordPress related administrations, at that point you have to comprehend these standards to agree to the trademark arrangements.

That stated, we should investigate the standards and rules that you should pursue to utilize the WordPress trademark and logo in your ventures appropriately.

Rule 1. Try not to use WordPress in Your Domain Name

As we referenced before that the name WordPress an enlisted trademark owned by the WordPress establishment. This secures the WordPress brand and guarantees its proceeded with progress.

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Some other enlisted trademark, the WordPress Foundation holds selective using rights for the term WordPress. This implies you can’t utilize WordPress as a significant aspect of your image name or site.

This restriction also includes domain names.

  • For example
  • Wrong! is OK!

You can use WordPress in a subdomain, for example, (, the WordPress Foundation mainly worried about essential areas.

You see if somebody is using a WordPress domain name or brand name, at that point, you should contact the WordPress Foundation and tell them about the infringement.

Rule 2. Continuously Write WordPress with a Capital P

The right method to spell WordPress is with a capital P. This upper casing is paid attention to very by the WordPress people group.

In the event that you are going to specify WordPress anyplace, at that point, ensure that you utilize the right spelling. Using an incorrect spelling is hated and thought about unprofessional.

WordPress group pays attention to it so that in 2010 they included an implicit channel called capital_P_dangit() in WordPress 3.0 discharge. This capacity consequently rectifies the incorrectly spelt cases of WordPress in title, substance, and passages.

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Rule 3. No Affiliation or Endorsement

The WordPress establishment needs you to use the WordPress logo and brand to advance the WordPress venture itself. In any case, you are not permit to use it in a manner that offers endorsement or affiliations with the project.

Here are a few examples:

  • You can’t use the WordPress logo in your item’s advertisement.
  • Using WordPress or its logo as your very own primary aspect logo not allowed.
  • You can put ‘Controlled by’ on your site, yet you can’t state ‘Suggested by WordPress’.

In simpler words, any endeavours to exploit WordPress brand name are an infringement of the trademark arrangement.

Rule 4. The WordPress Logo

The WordPress logo comprises of the letter W in a dark or some of the time white hover with a dim ring around it. The tallness of the letter W is tall and agile. Numerous bloggers and site proprietors in some cases use the false logo which as a rule has a shorter Win it.

Rules For Using WordPress Logo and Trademark (Explained)
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Ensure that you are using the right WordPress logo in your activities. The WordPress logo is additionally accessible as a content imprint, content imprint with W logo, and W logo. You can download every one of these logos from the official WordPress logos page.

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Don’t hesitate to use these pictures in your ventures. Be that as it may, ensure that you use them as per WordPress trademark strategy.

What Happens When Someone Doesn’t Follow These Rules?

The WordPress establishment pays attention to this infringement. You may get an email from them to conform to their trademark rules. Inability to go along may prompt further activities. These activities may incorporate a few right strategies.

For instance, if you are using WordPress in your domain name, at that point establishment can guarantee that domain name. Their legal advisers can likewise send you a legal notice. The lawful procedures would cost you a ton of cash, and you would lose support from the WordPress people group itself.

The WordPress people group depends on the WordPress establishment to take these activities. It benefits everybody in the biological system and helps incalculable WordPress related organizations develop and succeed.

We hope this article helped you learn about Rules For Using WordPress Logo and Trademark (Explained) to use on your project. You may also want to see our list of other articles too.

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