The Practical Guide To Make Money From Blogging

  • Can you make money from blogging? 
  • What are the different ways to make money blogging? 
  • What much can I earn through blogging? 
  • Would I be able to discuss my life and make money? 
  • What should it be a good idea for me to blog to make money? 

If you are asking any of the above inquiries, well you have come to the correct spot. In this guide to make money from blogging, you will learn knowledge with all the aspects that will assist you to get started.  

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A couple of years back, blogging was simply one more hobby that a few people did in addition to working all-day jobs. Today, blogging still functions in that way, yet a lot has changed.

In 2020, blogging has become a gainful online profession and individuals everywhere start a blog to get into this honorable profession. 

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How much money you can make from blogging? 

Much the same as any profession (Doctor, Lawyer, financial advising), there are various levels of blogging who are earning somewhere in the range of $1000-$2 million per year. 

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How much money you can make relies exclusively upon a few factors, for example, 

  • Which niche you are picking? 
  • What amount of time you are committing to learning and implementing? How much traffic you drive to your blog 
  • What digital marketing techniques you execute? 

There are different factors like consistency, your network, personal inspiration and objectives also contribute a lot. 

However, niche and your digital marketing skills alone can assist you with moving really quickly in the field of blogging. 

You can read different articles of BeFirstly to become familiar with vision and inspiration, yet right now, you will absolutely focus on making money from the blog. 

Just to make things simpler for you, I have responded to numerous frequently asked questions related to blogging at the end of this guide. 

What are the ways in which bloggers make money (Various Income streams) 

There are different strategies that you can use to monetize your blog. Depending upon your level of blogging and the kind of blog, you could pick the strategy that matches your style. Do check the end of this article to find the solutions to many significant questions asked by bloggers like you.

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  1. Ad Networks like AdSense,
  2. Direct Advertisements
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Native Advertising
  5. Paid reviews/Sponsored posts
  6. Sell Digital products (eBooks, Blueprints)
  7. Launch an Online Course
  8. Offer Online consulting
  9. Offer Services based on your skills 

Aside from the traditional types of advertising, you can work on other monetization tricks. Rather than simply including ads, work on including value for your sponsor. 

It’s smarter to have 1 profitable advertisement than 4 low paying advertisements.

1. Ad networks: (Beginners)


There are ad networks that are the least difficult and broadly used method for adapting a blog. 

The two Ad networks which are most popular are: 

  • Google AdSense (Offered by Google) 

You need to have a blog to get approval on these ad networks. They show ads naturally based on the setting of your article and furthermore based on user interest. The vast majority of the new blogs use these techniques to monetize as it gives repeating pay. Since the advertisements demonstrated are high quality, they don’t influence the user experience. 

If your blog is having under 300 views/day, then there are other advertisements networks that are listed here that you can use. However, your objective ought to get AdSense or approval as soon as you could. 

If you are utilizing relevant advertisements and are not making enough that way, you should try moving to direct advertisements or affiliate advertisements. 

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2. Affiliate Marketing: (Most profitable method): Intermediate + Advanced

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Affiliate ads are probably the most ideal approaches to make money since a single sale will get you much more cash-flow than a single click on a contextual ad. 

It’s something a large portion of the bloggers are using nowadays and one of the most beneficial avenues to make money from a blog. 

Here is some famous Affiliate marketing marketplace that you could join: 

  • Amazon Affiliate program 
  • ShareASale 
  • PartnerStack 
  • ImpactRadius 
  • Awin 
  • Commission Junction 

Another extraordinary thing about Affiliate marketing is, you can use this method on any blogging platform, for example, Wix, Squarespace, Medium, or even LinkedIn. 

You should simply, share your unique affiliate link of the item you are recommending, and when somebody makes a purchase, you will wind up earning a huge commission of the sale amount. 

Affiliate advertising is the way, how a lot of bloggers making a huge number of dollars consistently from their blog.

3. Sell your own eBooks: (Intermediate)

If you notice, the business model of top bloggers has to do with selling their own items, for example, an eBook. 

You should simply pick a topic, compile an eBook on that point, and put it sale on your blog or on Amazon. When you are used to this procedure, you can obtain a good amount of money by selling eBooks on the web. 

Additionally, having your own product to sell is the best thing that you can do to create easy revenue. 

You can include your articles into a well-organized book and sell it on your blog or on a different platform, for example, to earn money. This will also give you the credibility of turning into an author. 

You can use a freelancing network like Fiverr to get somebody to design a book cover. 

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You can also consider selling physical products on your blog utilizing WooCommerce. 

4. Native Advertising


Native advertising has been one of the forefronts of bringing in money from blogging. Particularly, news and employments kinds of sites can make a really high income with Native advertising. 

There are a couple of native advertising methods that are worth your time and effort of execution. 

  • Taboola 
  • Outbrain (High-quality native ads) 
  • Mgid 
  • (AdSense likewise offers native advertisements)

5. Launch online course (Membership site): Advanced

  • Are you able to change over your textbook into a video format? 
  • Can you include the checklist, downloadable layouts? 
  • Can you make a 1-2 hour video course? 

If your answer is true, then this strategy is unquestionably for you. Thanks to technology, presently launching an online course are simple for anybody and if you are giving the special course, your chances of coming to $ 1 million goals are high. 

You can utilize platforms like: 

  • LearnDash (WordPress) 
  • New Kajabi 
  • Teachable 

6. Direct Advertisements (Intermediate)

AdSense is the best advertisement program for bloggers, yet it has a few limitations. The greatest difficulty is the amount you get paid per click. 

If you figure out how to get direct advertisement, replace those AdSense units with direct ads instead. 

The most ideal approach to begin with the direct ad is by trying different networks and including a page, your blog called “Media-pack or Advertise with us” to get new deals. 

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You can also utilize a plugin like WPAdvancedAds to deal with the advertisements. 

The best approach to do it is, make a professional email address like utilizing Google applications. 

7. Sponsored Reviews (All level)


Paid surveys are an incredible method to support your monthly salary. You can rapidly make $10 or more from a little review post. Here are a couple of sites to discover paid surveys/sponsored content opportunities: 

  • Famebit (For YouTube channels) 
  • Izea Pay per post 
  • Tomoson 
  • Revcontent 

8. Run campaign for brands: (Intermediate and advanced)

This one is ideal for a blog with an established crowd base. You could help brands reach the target audience by running the campaign for them. For this, you will do a brand collaboration, running online classes, even paid Ads or making recordings. 

You will see an increased number of websites doing it with different brands. Keep an eye on this type as its already becoming the hottest ways to monetize a blog. 

9. Services

Based on your skills, you can offer different services. Depending upon what are you good at, you can offer content writing, logo creation, SEO, etc. 

Before, I used to offer WordPress, SEO and hosting related services. Offering services not only help you to make money that gives you more use cases that help you hone your skills. 

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Launching your services is entirely simple. All you need to do is simply create a page on your blog and list the services that you are advertising. Make sure to place the link of that page in your blog navbar and prominent space for maximum visibility. 

Make it simpler for your crowd to reach you and ask more about your services. As you manage your first 2-3 customers, you will have abundant ideas to improve the sales procedure of your services. Truth be told, you will be able to automate a portion of things like payment and follow-up. 

Can you blog about your life and make money from blogging?

This is another developing form of blogging where many individuals talk about their everyday life and make a community around it. You may have seen a lot of them on YouTube as Video blogger and you can do the same on the blog or even on YouTube. 

Some well-known topic for this kind of blogging is: 

  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Motivation
  • Entertainment

The key here is to keep it engaging, add value and make a community around your brand. Depending on your style and consistency, you could mint a lot of money with this strategy. 

A ton of beginners also ask is, should I focus on blogging or vlogging? 

Indeed, it’s a smart thought to have a mixture of both. Delivering video content (Recording, editing, and publishing) is time and money intensive while making text content takes lesser time. Having a good mix of both the technique will help you with growing quicker and start a significant sooner. 

Gone are the days when we bloggers were just dependent on AdSense to bring money from blogging. Presently we have a lot more advertisement systems and monetization methods accessible which we can have increased the income potential from a blog to a great extent. 

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If you have been utilizing these traditional strategies for bringing money from your blog, it’s time to reexamine your blogging strategy. Make some new changes, change the design, and optimize the advertising aspects of your blog.

FAQ’s about How to Make Money Blogging

Can you make money through blogging?

I’m living proof of somebody who can make a handsome living with blogging. A great deal depends upon how steady and determined you are. For my situation, I was working just about 14 hours consistently for a long time to arrive at this phase where I’m acquiring more money from blogging. 

As the online space has developed, presently there are more chances to bring money using blogging. The main thing is, you should be responsible for almost a year before you begin bringing in good money to leave your job or to plan your life on blogging income.

What would it be a good idea for me to blog going to make money?

If you would prefer not to blog about your life and thinking about the best topic from the blog monetization perspective, here are 4 factors that you ought to consider.

Passion: Things that you are already energetic about or have an enthusiasm for. This thing doesn’t need to be something you are learning at an institute or your job, however it could be as straightforward as something that your friends, family, and others call you to take your opinion. For example, Cars, Food, Finance, Travel. Take a pen and paper, and name it as “Passion list”. Presently, list down each topic that you think you have an attachment and you could blog about.

Traffic and trend: You would need to guarantee that there are better than average traffic and passion for the topic that you have found by making your passion list. Patterns will give you a thought if this topic is developing or drying. is a free tool that let you measure the traffic pattern of any topic.

Monetization: The third factor that will assist you with finding gainful blogging thought is a possibility for monetization. You have to see how you planning to monetize your blog. Is it going to be Ad networks, for example, AdSense or is it going to be Affiliate advertising?. To give you a point of view, “WhatsApp” as a topic is becoming fast and you might be concerned about it, however the monetization sucks. Indeed, even with high traffic, making money is negligible.

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Competition: This is the last however not the least factor. If you are getting into a competitive niche, you will think that its difficult to stick out and outrank existing large players. I don’t intend to demotivate you however if you have a decision between 2-3 topics, pick the one with medium or low competition. If you wind up picking a more broader niche, for instance, fashion, in a competitive niche, it would simply take a couple of additional months to ace it.

How will you get Blogging payment?

Your advertisers could be sitting at an different part of the world and there are 5 well known ways by which you can get payment from everywhere throughout the world. These are additionally well known ways by which these companies pay. 

Wire transfer (Your bank) 
CoinBase (Crypto payment) 

When you start making money, it’s a smart thought to have a account on all the above site which let you get payments. They are all free to join and simple to utilize. You can also utilize these above services to pay freelancers or remote assistant later on. 
There are a ton of ways you can make money from blogging, yet I would suggest not overpowering yourself and rather executing them individually. 

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