WordPress Security Plugin “Wordfence vs Sucuri” (Compared)

Wordfence and Sucuri are two of the best and most accepted WordPress security plugins available. They both are particularly recommended and remarkably helpful in keeping your WordPress site secure. This makes it difficult for beginners to pick which one is right for them.

While Sucuri and Wordfence have a lot of similar features, each has its ups and downs. In this article, we will compare Wordfence versus Sucuri with a suggestion which one is better for overall WordPress security plugin in our expert opinion.

Wordfence vs Sucuri – Which WordPress Security Plugin is Better?
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Sucuri versus Wordfence which one is better WordPress security plugin for your website.

Wordfence and Sucuri are the two best WordPress security plugins,. The two of them offer thorough security against brute force attacks, malware infection, and data theft.

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As a site owner, you have to pick a WordPress security plugin that not only protects your website but does it efficiently. You would also require something that requires little maintenance, so you can concentrate on developing your business.

In conclusion, you have to pick a security plugin easy to use and does not require technical skills to setup / maintain. For this guide, we will look at Sucuri versus Wordfence one next to the other. Our comparison is separated into the following categories:

  • Ease of use
  • Website Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Security Monitoring and notifications
  • Malware scanner
  • Hacked website clean up

That being stated, we should investigate how Wordfence versus Sucuri pile up and which one turns out as the best in general WordPress security plugin.


Site security is a very highly complex and specialized field. That is the reason our first test category is usability.

How about we see that it is so simple to use Wordfence versus Sucuri to ensure your site.

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Wordfence – Usability

Setting up Wordfence is very simple. Immediately after installing the plugin, it will request you to provide an email address where you might want to get security notices. You would likewise need to agree with their Terms of service.

Wordfence setup

From that point onward, you will see an onboarding wizard that will allow you to get comfortable with the Wordfence dashboard. It brings up where you’ll see security notices and scans.

Wordfence dashboard

The plugin will turn on the site application firewall in the learning mode and run an automatic scan in the background. Depending upon the size of your site, you will see warnings when the scan is done. Tapping on a warning will show its details with the guided action that you have to take.

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WordFence Security issues

The firewall by defaults keeps running as a WordPress plugin which isn’t effective. Wordfence allows you to run it in the extended mode for better protection, yet you’ll need to set it up physically.

The basic Wordfence plugin system is very basic and does not require a lot of user input. The UI is somewhat jumbled which may make it hard for beginners to discover certain settings/alternative.

Sucuri – Usability

Sucuri offers a cleaner UI with no unnecessary prompts coming up on the screen. It likewise runs a quick scan upon start, and you will see warnings on the plugin’s dashboard.

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Sucuri dashboard

Sucuri’s site application firewall (WAF) is a cloud-based firewall which means it doesn’t keep running on your server. In other words, you need no technical knowledge to maintain required on your end.

You should include your API key and configure DNS settings for your domain name. This will enable the firewall to catch harmful traffic before it even arrives at your WordPress hosting server. Once everything is set up, you will not need to worry about anything like updating or maintaining it in the future

Sucuri additionally makes it simple to perform prescribed security settings on your site.

Solidifying WordPress security with Sucuri

The general UI is pleasant. users will still need to dig deeper to find options that they are searching for.

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Updating nameservers on domain registrar is an extra step that is required to arrangement Sucuri’s firewall, and it very well may be somewhat hard for some non-technical users. Interestingly, most domain registrar like Domain.com, GoDaddy, and so on will almost certainly enable you to set it up.

Website Application Firewall (WAF)

A web application firewall controls your site traffic and blocks regular security dangers. There are various approaches to achieve a firewall. Cloud-based firewalls are increasingly effective and solid over a long time.

Both Sucuri and Wordfence offer site application firewall, let’s see how they differ.

Wordfence Website Application Firewall

Wordfence offers a site application firewall that eliminates and blocks harmful site traffic.

Wordfence firewall

This is an application-level firewall, which implies that it keeps running on your server and is less effective than a cloud-based firewall.

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As a matter of course, Wordfence turns it on with the fundamental mode. This implies the firewall keeps running as a WordPress plugin, so before an attack can be blocked, WordPress needs to accumulate. This can take up a lot of server resources, and it’s not effective.

To change that, you should manually organize Wordfence firewall in the extended mode. This will permit the Wordfence firewall to eliminate traffic before it arrives at your WordPress installation.

Since it’s an endpoint firewall, Wordfence can just block traffic once it has just arrived at your hosting server. If there is an occurrence of a DDOS attack or brute force attempt, your server resources will be affected and your site execution will be down. It might even crash.

When you initially initiate Wordfence, their firewall is in learning mode. It figures out how you and different user get to your WordPress site. During this time a few firewall options are not connected to ensure that authentic site users are not coincidentally blocked.

Sucuri Website Application Firewall

Sucuri offers a cloud-based site application firewall, which implies that it blocks suspicious traffic even before it arrives at your hosting server.

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Sucuri WAF

This saves you a lot of server resources and in a split second improves your site speed. Sucuri’s CDN servers are situated in various locales which is another special reward for site speed.

To use the firewall, you should change your domain name’s DNS settings. This change would permit all your site traffic to experience Sucuri’s servers.

There is no fundamental or expanded mode. When the design is finished, Sucuri’s WAF would begin shielding your site from harmful attacks, DDOS attacks, and password guessing attempts.

They have a strong AI calculation that is advanced enough to avoid false positives. Sucuri lets you go from High-Security mode to Paranoid mode when you experience DDoS. This ensures your site server doesn’t crash.

Security Monitoring and Notifications

As a site owner, you have to know whether something isn’t right on your site as soon as possible. A security issue can cost you users and money.

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To get these notices, you have to ensure that your WordPress site can send messages. The most ideal approach to guarantee that is by using an SMTP service to send WordPress messages.

Let’s see how Wordfence and Sucuri handle site monitoring and cares.

Wordfence Monitoring and Alerts

Wordfence has a brilliant notice and alarms framework. To begin with, warnings will be featured by the Wordfence menu in the WordPress administrator sidebar and dashboard.

Dashboard warnings in Wordfence

They are featured by their importance. You can tap on notice to become familiar with it, and how to fix it. Wordfence likewise brings important notices through email. To create email alarms, go to Wordfence » All Options page and look down to the ‘Email Alert Preferences’ area.

Email cautions in Wordfence

From here you can turn email cautions on/off. You can likewise pick the seriousness level to send an email alert.

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Sucuri Monitoring and Alerts

Sucuri additionally shows basic warnings on your dashboard. The upper right corner of the screen is committed to showing the status of common WordPress reports.

Sucuri dashboard cautions

Beneath that, you’ll see the review logs and site health status. Sucuri accompanies a total ready administration framework. Just visit the Sucuri Security » Settings page and change to the Alerts tab.

Sucuri Alerts

You can include email delivers that you need to be informed. From that point forward, you can further tweak email alarms.

Sucuri email ready warnings

You can pick occasions you need to be informed about, the number of notifications every hour, and customize settings for brute force attacks, post types, and alert email subjects. Their site application firewall will likewise send automatically high-level alerts to your email.

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Malware Scanner

Both plugins accompany built-in security scanners to check your WordPress site for malware, changed files, and harmful code.

Let’s see how Wordfence and Sucuri check for malware and different issues.

Wordfence Malware Scanner

Wordfence accompanies a ground-breaking scanner which is exceptionally adjustable to meet your hosting condition and security concerns. Of course, the output is empowered with, the scan is enabled with limited scan settings.

Wordfence scanner

Free version Wordfence simply chooses a scan schedule for your site. Premium versions of users can pick their very own scan schedule. You can set up the scanner to keep running in various modes. Some output alternatives are just accessible with the top-notch form.

Wordfence scanner can likewise check your plugin and theme to match the repository version.

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Sucuri Malware Scanner

Sucuri Malware scanner uses Sucuri’s Site check API. This API naturally checks your webpage against multiple safe-browsing to guarantee that your site isn’t blacklisted.

It consequently checks the respectability of your core WordPress documents to ensure that they are not changed. You can tweak the scan settings from Sucuri Security » Settings page and tapping on the scanner tab.

Sucuri scanner settings

Sucuri’s free scanner keeps running on the openly accessible records on your site. It is not a WordPress specific scanner, so it is fantastically great at identifying any kind of malware and malicious code.

Hacked Website Clean up

Cleaning up a hacked WordPress site isn’t simple. Malware can influence a few documents, inject links in your content, or throw you out of your site. Manually cleaning everything yourself isn’t feasible for beginners.

Fortunately, both Wordfence and Sucuri offer site cleanup and malware removal service. Let’s take a look at which WordPress security plugin does it better.

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Wordfence Site Clean Up

Wordfence site cleanup service is excluded in their free or premium plans. It is sold independently as an extra addon service.

Wordfence site cleanup administration

Webpage cleanup will likewise give you a premium Wordfence permit for one site. The malware cleanup procedure is entirely straight forward. They will scan your site for malware/diseases, and then clean up all affected files.

Their team will also research how hackers got access to your site. They will set up a point by point report of the whole cleanup procedure with proposals for future counteractive action.

Sucuri Site Clean up

All paid Sucuri plans incorporate site cleanup service. This comes with site clean up, blacklist removal, SEO spam repair, and WAF protection for future prevention.

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Sucuri site cleanup

They are great at cleanup malware, injected spam code, and backdoor access files. The procedure is very straight forward. You open a help ticket and their group will begin dealing with the cleanup procedure.

They will use your login certifications for FTP/SSH access or cPanel. During the procedure, they keep a log of each document, they contact and naturally backup everything.


Both Wordfence and Sucuri are great WordPress security plugins. In any case, we declare that Sucuri is the best WordPress security plugin generally speaking.

It offers a cloud-based WAF which improves your site’s performance and speed while blocking harmful traffic and brute force attacks. Wordfence is a decent free alternative if its all the same to you using a server-side firewall and scanner.

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If you are searching for a free cloud-based site firewall, at that point you can use Cloudflare as a free elective, yet it doesn’t offer extensive security.

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